1. Walk of Fame

Encircling Comerica Park’s main concourse is the Detroit Tigers Walk of Fame, which showcases items from the thirteen decades of Tigers history. The Walk of Fame is a must-see for any baseball fan, so take some time to walk the concourse before the game.

2. Player Statues

Along the left field wall are six massive statues honoring some of the Tigers biggest legends including Ty Cobb and Hank Greenberg. Additionally, make sure to check out the statue honoring beloved Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell at Gat A.

3. Carousel and Ferris Wheel

One of the unique things about Comerica Park is that it’s home to several amusement park rides. In the northwest corner, you’ll find a carousel, and in the northeast corner, there is a Ferris wheel. Take some time to check these out before or during the game.

4. Chevrolet Fountain

Located behind center field is the massive Chevrolet Fountain, which has multiple displays pre, during, and post game at Comerica Park. The fountain is synchronized to music and goes off after home-runs or other big plays by the Tigers.

5. Tiger Statues

Both inside and outside, you’ll see lots of statues of tigers at Comerica Park. Lining the outside of the park are thirty-three tiger heads with light up baseballs in their mouths, and there is a giant tiger statue located outside the stadium’s main entrance that presents an excellent photo op. Take a walk around the park and see all of the tiger statues before the game.

6. Big Cat Food Court

You don’t have to search too far for food at Comerica Park! Right near the entrance of the stadium, you’ll find the Big Cat Food Court. The food options here are endless and feature a variety of ballpark classics including hot dogs, french fries, gyros, lemonade, handmade pretzels, and deli sandwiches.

7. Tiger Growling/Eyes Light Up

Whenever the Tigers score a run, the sound of a tiger growling is played throughout Comerica Park, and the two tiger statues on the scoreboard have eyes that light up.

8. Giant Baseball Bats

Stop by and check out the giant baseball bats near the main entrance of Comerica Park. The bats along with the tigers statues on the plaza are a must-see for anyone visiting Comerica.

9. Leo's Coney Island

If you’re in Detroit, then you absolutely must try the Detroit, and Comerica Park, staple. Covered in chili, mustard, and onions, this fan favorite will only cost you $2.

10. Tigers Hats

The Tigers home cap is one of the most recognizable in all of baseball, particularly because it has barely changed over the years. The simplistic, navy blue hat with a white English D has been the symbol for Detroit fans everywhere; they don’t need or want any cartoonish gimmicks for a logo. They’re classic, genuine, old school baseball fans through and through.

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