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A trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium is on the bucket list of every college basketball fan out there and with good reason. The famous arena is home to one of the wildest and craziest student section, which has helped power the Blue Devils to one of the best home court advantages in the game. Since 2004-05, the Blue Devils have the second highest home winning percentage in large part thanks to the incredible support of the Cameron Crazies. The Crazies raucous cheers and taunts alone are worth the price of admission and help create an unforgettable atmosphere.

In addition to the fantastic fan support, Cameron Indoor Stadium is also one of the most historic venues in college basketball. The unassuming arena blends in seamlessly with the rest of the buildings on the Duke campus and the arena’s old school feeling is something you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

The Blue Devils success over the years has led to Cameron Indoor Stadium, being the home to artifacts and exhibits showcasing the program’s illustrious history. The Duke Basketball Museum is a must see for any Blue Devils or college basketball fan, so make sure to check it out before the game.

Finally, if you’re looking to grab something to eat or drink before or after the game, you’ll find plenty of options. Nearby Chubby’s Tacos is a favorite among students, and there are lots of other options close by as well. If you venture into downtown Durham, you’ll have even more choices including the Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, which overlooks the home of Durham Bulls and the famed “snorting bull” sign from Bull Durham.

Attending a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium is something every basketball fan should do at least once, so stop reading this guide and book your trip today.

Things to check out

Duke Basketball Museum

Attached to Cameron Indoor Stadium is the Duke Basketball Museum. The museum is a must see for any college basketball fans is home to jerseys, memorabilia, and best of all the program’s five national championship trophies. Take some time before the game to visit the museum and view all of the Blue Devil’s illustrious history.

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If stopping by the Duke Basketball Museum before the game isn’t enough Duke history for you then take some time to enjoy the banners hanging from the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium. The banners celebrate Duke’s conference championships and national championships and help let everyone know they’re watching a game in a truly historic venue.

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Cameron Crazies

Duke has one of the most famous student sections in college basketball, so you’ll experience one of the best atmospheres out there when attending a Duke basketball games. The Cameron Crazies are known for their taunts and ability to get under opponents skin, so come prepared to be heckled if you're wearing the opposing team’s colors.

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All throughout the season, undergraduate students line up in tents to get into Duke games. The tradition dates back to 1986 and has spawned the named Krzyzewskiville after legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. If you’re a student wanting to attend a Blue Devils game make sure to arrive early, so you can get into the game.

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Bench Burning

Duke students celebrate major victories by burning benches in celebration. If you’re at Duke when they beat North Carolina or when they win a national championship, make sure to take part in this fun tradition.

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The Blue Devil

The famous mascot comes from the nickname of a French military unit from World War I. Today the mascot can be seen performing on the sidelines as he entertains the crowd at halftime and between downs. Look out for the Blue Devil as he is sure to provide plenty of entertainment.

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Pep Band

The Duke pep band along with the Cameron Crazies are a big part of what makes Cameron Indoor Stadium an intimidating place to play. The band sets the tone for the intense atmosphere found inside the arena, so enjoy their musical stylings when attending a Duke basketball game.

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The Cheerleaders help pump up the crowd, although the Cameron Crazies are usually already loud. Join in the cheers led by the cheerleaders to help aid Duke to victory.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight! Blue Devils, Fight!

    Duke’s primary fight song

    Fight, Fight Blue Devils,
    Fight for Duke and the Blue and White.
    March on through,
    For the touchdown’s there for you
    Go get ’em
    Duke is out to win today
    Carolina goodnight
    So turn on the steam team
    Fight Blue Devils fight!

  2. Blue and White

    Duke, we thy anthems raise
    For all thy praises untold
    We sing for the Blue and White
    Whose colors we uphold
    Firm stand our line of blue
    For we are loyal through and through
    All for the love of old D.U.
    Fight! We’ll Fight!
    With all our strength and might
    Win we can
    So here we give a hand
    Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!
    D-U-K-E, Rah!

  3. Dear Old Duke

    Duke’s alma mater

    Dear old Duke, thy name we’ll sing,
    To thee our voices raise, we’ll raise.
    To thee our anthems ring
    In everlasting praise.

    And though on life’s broad sea,
    Our fates may far us bear,
    We’ll ever turn to thee,
    Our Alma Mater dear.

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