1. Cameron Crazies

Duke has one of the most famous student sections in college basketball, so you’ll experience one of the best atmospheres out there when attending a Duke basketball games. The Cameron Crazies are known for their taunts and ability to get under opponents skin, so come prepared to be heckled if you’re wearing the opposing team’s colors.

2. Krzyzewskiville

All throughout the season, undergraduate students line up in tents to get into Duke games. The tradition dates back to 1986 and has spawned the named Krzyzewskiville after legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. If you’re a student wanting to attend a Blue Devils game make sure to arrive early, so you can get into the game.

3. Bench Burning

Duke students celebrate major victories by burning benches in celebration. If you’re at Duke when they beat North Carolina or when they win a national championship, make sure to take part in this fun tradition.

4. Duke Basketball Museum

Attached to Cameron Indoor Stadium is the Duke Basketball Museum. The museum is a must see for any college basketball fans is home to jerseys, memorabilia, and best of all the program’s five national championship trophies. Take some time before the game to visit the museum and view all of the Blue Devil’s illustrious history.

5. Duke-North Carolina Rivalry

Duke-North Carolina is arguably the biggest rivalry in college basketball, so if you ever have the chance to attend a game between these two Tobacco Road rivals jump at it. The rivalry has produced many unforgettable moments over the years including Duke’s 87-86 three overtime victory over the Tar Heels in 1968. National media sports outlets like ESPN and Sports Illustrated have ranked the rivalry as the best in college basketball and even North American sports, so make sure to attend a Duke-North Carolina game if you ever get the chance.

6. The Blue Devil

The famous mascot comes from the nickname of a French military unit from World War I. Today the mascot can be seen performing on the sidelines as he entertains the crowd at halftime and between downs. Look out for the Blue Devil as he is sure to provide plenty of entertainment.

7. Banners

If stopping by the Duke Basketball Museum before the game isn’t enough Duke history for you then take some time to enjoy the banners hanging from the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium. The banners celebrate Duke’s conference championships and national championships and help let everyone know they’re watching a game in a truly historic venue.

8. Pep Band

The Duke pep band along with the Cameron Crazies are a big part of what makes Cameron Indoor Stadium an intimidating place to play. The band sets the tone for the intense atmosphere found inside the arena, so enjoy their musical stylings when attending a Duke basketball game.

9. Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders help pump up the crowd, although the Cameron Crazies are usually already loud. Join in the cheers led by the cheerleaders to help aid Duke to victory.

10. Duke-Wake Forest Rivalry

The rivalry between Duke and Wake Forest may get overshadowed by the Blue Devil’s rivalry with the Tar Heels, but the Duke-Wake Forest rivalry is actually the Blue Devil’s oldest rivalry. It dates back to the 1905-06 season and has been going strong ever since. If you’re looking to attending a great matchup, then there are few better than a Duke-Wake Forest game.

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