A  Duke tailgate  has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere as the fans here observe Southern hospitality. Tailgates here also feature plenty of Carolina style barbecue as well as other southern favorites. Bring some ribs and join in on the fun as you get ready to cheer on the Blue Devils to victory.

The University also puts on two tailgate areas  Blue Devil Alley and Club Blue Devil.. Blue Devil Alley features a wealth of tailgating activities including being home to the Blue Devil team walk before the game. There is also Club Blue Devil, which is a premier tailgate spot that features flat-screen TVs and a full buffet. If you’re looking for something to do before the game be sure to check out either one of these options.


Duke Football Team Walk

The Blue Devil’s team walk takes place two and a half hours before kickoff and is your chance to get up close to all your favorite Blue Devil players and coaches.

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Duke Pep Rally

Join the marching band for their pep rally one hour before the game as you prepare to cheer on the Blue Devils to victory.

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Duke Athletics Hall of Fame

Duke has an incredible Athletic Hall of Fame that showcases all of the greatest players and moments in Duke sports history. The hall of fame opens at 9 am or 5 hours before kickoff and closes 25 mins before kickoff, so make sure to get to the game early if you want to check out the hall.

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Where to tailgate

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