If you’re looking for pregame entertainment in the neighborhood surrounding the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, then you’re in luck as there is a lot to see and do outside the ballpark. The DBAP is located just south of the Loop, which is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or something to drink. The Loop is home to a variety of restaurants including Bull City Burgers, Revolution, and Old Havana Sandwich Shop among others.

Another great spot to eat before the game is the American Tobacco Campus. Here you’ll find lots of bars, and restaurants only steps away from the stadium making it a great place for the less adventurous.

Finally, before entering the park, make sure to check out the entrance plaza. There is a lot to see on the plaza including retired numbers, fountains, and a whole lot more. The numbers honor some of the greatest real-life and fictional ballplayers to play for the club including Joe Morgan and Crash Davis, so stop by and take them all in before entering the stadium.

You’ll find lots to see and do before a Durham Bulls game so arrive early and take in all the sights and sounds of the neighborhood.


Entrance Plaza

There is a lot for you to see at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park entrance plaza. The entrance plaza is home to retired numbers, fountains, the Ballpark Corner Store, and much, so stop by and take it all in before entering the DBAP.

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