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Greenville is a great sports town despite the fact you won’t find any professional sports teams here. As a result, the ECU Pirates are the pride and joy of Greenville, and it shows on games day when you get thousands of people coming out to support the Pirates men’s basketball team. The Pirates haven’t had a ton of success over the years, but that doesn’t stop the fans, especially the students, from coming out to Williams Arena at Minges Coliseum and cheering on their team.

In addition to the incredible fan support on display. There is also a lot of pageantries to see at an ECU basketball game. ECU’s mascot PeeDee the Pirate does an excellent job of entertaining the crowd, and you’ll see lots of skulls and crossbones around, which give the arena a unique feel. You’ll also have the opportunity to see some ECU history on display if you check out the ECU Athletics Hall of Fame in the adjacent Smith-Williams Center.

Finally, if you’re looking for a fun college town experience, then you’ll find it in the area surrounding Minges Coliseum. There are lots of bars to check out nearby the ECU campus, including Sup Dogs, so check them all out during your trip to Greenville.

An ECU basketball game is a fun game day experience for anyone in North Carolina and an excellent to see some Division I college hoops at a more affordable price than what you’ll pay on Tobacco Road.

Things to check out

ECU Athletics Hall of Fame

When attending a Pirates game, make sure to check out the ECU Athletics Hall of Fame located in the Smith-Williams Center. The Hall of Fame is a must-see for any college sports fan, and the Smith-Williams Center is connected to Minges Coliseum, so there’s no reason for you not to stop by and check it out.

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The Ghost on the Wind

This popular poem is read before many of the home sporting events at East Carolina and is a great school tradition that gets everyone in the mood to cheer on their Pirates.

Jolly Roger

The Pirates reveal their “true colors” by lifting up a flag which is a skull and crossbones with the captain’s hat purple and ECU on it before the game. This declares that the Pirates are going to attack their enemy and is a great way for the Pirates to motivate the team and fans before the game.

PeeDee the Pirate

The lovable mascot of the ECU Pirates can be seen entertaining the crowd at every home game. He is also probably the only Purple Pirate you will ever see in your lifetime, so make sure to take in his antics while at the game.

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Student Section

The most enthusiastic fans at any ECU game can be found in the student section. ECU students bleed purple and gold, so come prepared to hear lots of cheers and taunts when sitting with this rowdy fans.

Fight Songs

  1. EC Victory

    Cheer for East Car’lina,
    Cheer for old E.C.,
    We know we’re the finest,
    Onward to victory!

    Cheer for East Car’lina,
    Cheer on for old E.C.,
    Loyal and Bold,
    we’re the purple and gold,

  2. ECU Alma Mater

    Praise to your name so fair,
    Dear old East Car’lina,
    your joys we’ll all share,
    and your friends we’ll ever be.
    We pledge our loyalty,
    and our heart’s devotion,
    To thee, our Alma Mater,
    love and praise.

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