1. Buc Walk

Make sure to take part in the Buc Walk, which takes place an hour and 45 minutes before kickoff. The Buc Walk is your chance to see your favorite players up close, so don’t miss it during your trip to ETSU.

2. Marching Bucs

ETSU”s Marching Bucs are one of the best parts of any ETSU football game. The band puts on an incredible performance, and you won’t want to miss their pregame and halftime show, which will bring you to your feet.

3. Bucky

Keep an eye out for Bucky at the game. Fans young and old love Bucky, who gets into all kinds of shenanigans at Bucs games. No matter what the score you can always count on Bucky to bring a smile to your face.

4. Buc Mobile

If you get the opportunity check out Darren and Kortney Caldwell’s Buc Mobile. The Buc Mobile is a tricked out tailgate vehicle that any ETSU fan would love to see and even features an alumni wall filled with the names of ETSU grads.

5. Cheerleaders

Join the ETSU cheerleader as they pump up the crowd throughout the game. The cheerleaders perform a variety of cheers and chants, so join in and give the Bucs your support.

6. Food City Zone

Take the kids to the Food City Zone and enjoy a variety of kids activities. The Food City Zone opens three hours before the game and is fun for the whole family.

7. ETSU-Chattanooga Rivalry

East Tennessee State’s re-establishment of their football program has brought the rivalry between ETSU and Chattanooga back to life. You won’t want to miss it when the Bucs take on in-state rivals Chattanooga, so make sure to be in attendance when the Mocs come to town.

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