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O’Brien Field is the center of all the action going on in Charleston, Illinois on Saturdays in the fall making an Eastern Illinois football game quite the event. Fans from all over the area come out to support the team creating a fun atmosphere inside O’Brien Stadium. If you’re a diehard college football fan, then you’ll love attending an Eastern Illinois Panthers football game.

The fantastic fan support and atmosphere in the stands isn’t the only thing that makes attending a Panthers game a fun experience. The spirit groups at Eastern Illinois also make a trip to Charleston a memorable experience. The band, mascot, cheerleaders, and dance team are all top-notch, so enjoy their performances and the pageantry they provide at the game.

Finally, take a minute to check out the retired numbers banners, which honor two of the best quarterbacks in Panthers history. Tony Romo went onto have incredible success as a player in the NFL, and Sean Payton holds the distinction of being the only coach in New Orleans Saints history to win a Super Bowl. You’ll get to see where it started for these two accomplished individuals making a trip to Charleston a fun one for NFL fans as well.

An Eastern Illinois football game is a fun time for any football fan, so start planning your trip to Charleston, Illinois today.

Things to check out

Retired Numbers

The Panthers have retired two football numbers over the years; 17 and 18. On October 17, 2009, the school retired Tony Romo’s #17 jersey. Romo won Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year three times during his collegiate career and went onto star as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. Sean Payton’s #18 jersey was retired on September 11, 2010. Payton finished his collegiate quarterback career with 10,655 passing yards, holding the school’s career record. He also led the New Orleans Saints to their only Super Bowl championship in 2010 as the team’s head coach.

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Panther Marching Band

Enjoy the performance of the Panther Marching Band throughout the game. The Panther Marching Band puts on a great show and creates a fantastic atmosphere during the game making them one of the most important parts of any EIU football game.

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Panther Mascot

Don’t miss the panther mascot during the game. He gets into a variety of antics throughout the game, and if you get the chance, give him a high-five if you see him in the stands.

Pink Panther Dance Team

The Pink Panther Dance Team will dazzle you with their routines. The dance team is a fun part of any Panthers football game, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field.

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Cheer Team

The cheer team pumps up the crowd with their cheers and chants throughout the game, so join in and give the Panthers an incredible home field advantage.

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Fight Songs

  1. Eastern State March

    fight song

    We are loyal EIU,
    We’re loyal and true;
    Though the odds be great or small,
    we’ll still be cheering you;
    (Rah! Rah! Rah!)

    Fight you Panthers for the glory
    Of our dear name;
    Fight on for Eastern,
    Come on you Panthers, win this game.

    (E! I! U! E-I-U!)
    (E! I! U! E-I-U!)


  2. Hot Time

    Late one night
    When we were all in bed
    Old Mother Leary
    Left a lantern in the shed
    And when the cow kicked it over,
    She winked her eye and said,

    “There’ll be a hot time
    In the old town, tonight.”

  3. I’m So Glad

    I’m so glad/I go to EIU (3x)

    Singin’ “Glory Hallelujah”!
    I go to EIU!

  4. For Us Arose

    Alma Mater

    For us arose thy walls and towers;
    Their beauty, strength, and grace are ours.
    Thy hills and prairies at thy feet
    For us in lovely landscape meet.
    So must our hearts remember thee,
    So may our lives a tribute be;
    Strong, true, and beautiful and brave and free,
    So shall our hearts, our hearts, remember thee.

  5. E-I-E-I-EIU- chant

    E! I! U!

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