1. Cannon

You can’t miss the cannon at Roy Kidd Stadium. The cannon is a must-see for any fan taking in a Colonels game and is fired off after every Eastern Kentucky score. The fans here love it when they fire it off creating an incredible buzz in the stands.

2. The Colonel

The Colonel is the official mascot of Eastern Kentucky and a big part of game days. He leads the crowd in a variety of cheers and gets into all kinds of antics making him a must-see part of any Eastern Kentucky football game.

3. Marching Colonels

The Marching Colonels put on a great show at Eastern Kentucky football games, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are incredible, and they do an excellent job of setting the tone throughout the game.

4. Touchdown Terrace

Those of you who want to enjoy a beer with the game will want to stop by Touchdown Terrace. Touchdown Terrace is located in the north end zone and is the only place beer is sold at Eastern Kentucky football games.

5. Old Hawg Rifle

The Eastern Kentucky Colonels and Morehead State Eagles play for the Old Hawg Rifle when they get together. The rivalry dates back to 1924 when the Colonels defeated the Eagles 14-0 and has been one of Colonels biggest rivalries ever since. You won’t want to miss it when the Colonels and Eagles square off next, so make sure to get your tickets when Morehead State comes to town.


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6. Cheerleaders

Enjoy the cheers and chants lead by the cheerleaders at the game. The Eastern Kentucky cheerleaders rile up the crowd with their cheers and chants, so join in and give your support to the Colonels.

7. Moberly Building

The Moberly Building next to Roy Kidd Stadium is home to the football team offices as well as banners celebrating the Colonels two national championships. Stop in and see the banners before taking in a game at Roy Kidd Stadium.

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