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One of the best things about attending an Eastern Michigan game is the excellent value that you’ll get for your money, as the tickets to an EMU game will run between $10-20. You’ll be able to secure a seat close to the action as well providing you with an excellent college football viewing experience. If you’re looking to get close to the action at a Division 1 football game in the state of Michigan, then this is the place to do so.

In recent years the program has put a lot of work into creating the best game day atmosphere possible, which has led them to rebrand Rynearson Stadium “The Factory.” The hope here is to use Michigan’s industrial history to create a unique game day atmosphere that will appeal to fans throughout the region. The school has even gone as far as to install gray turf to give the stadium a more rugged industrial feel.

While Eastern Michigan may be a small school with a somewhat lacking attendance, the fans that do show up are not only very passionate and knowledgeable about their team, but they are also some of the friendliest fans you’ll find anywhere in the country. The fans love talking to opposing fans about their team, so don’t be afraid to engage in friendly conversation with Eagles fans. Eastern Michigan may be a small school by FBS standards, but the hearts of the fans are some of the largest around.

Things to check out

The 100 Yards of Gray

One of the most unique features as EMU is the field itself. The grass is no longer green it’s turned gray. Don’t worry there isn’t some horrible lawn disease; the turf was dyed gray to create something entirely new in football. EMU is the first stadium to install gray turf giving the stadium a unique feel you won’t find anywhere else.

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Pride of the Peninsula Band

The Pride of the Peninsula is the name bestowed upon the EMU marching band, which makes their presence known on game day. Their excellent pregame and halftime performances energize the crowd and entertain the fans of all ages, so keep your eyes and ears out for them throughout the game.

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Swoop the bald eagle can be seen at every Eastern Michigan home football game. The mascot entertains the crowd on the sideline during the game by performing all sorts of antics, so keep your eyes peeled for this crazy bird during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Played as the Eagles take the field and after every Eagles score.

    Eastern Eagles, hats off to you!
    Fight, fight, fight for ole EMU.
    Look to the sky, the Eagles will fly,
    the bravest we’ll defy. …Rah,rah, rah!
    Hold that line for ole Green and White.
    Sons and daughters show your might.
    So, FIGHT, FIGHT! for ole EMU
    and vic-tor-y!

  2. Go Green

    Go Green is a signature chant at the EMU football games. This chant comes in the style of a huddle breakdown and is used as a pregame chant.

    Go Green, roll up the score.
    Go Green, let’s get some more.
    Raise a cheer for old Green and White.
    Let’s show them we came here to fight.
    Go Green, vic’try we’ll claim.
    Go Green, let’s win this game.
    We’ll always fight for old EMU.
    Come on and let’s go Green!

  3. Alma Mater

    Eastern, sacred Alma Mater
    to your name we shall be true.
    Ever marching on to victory,
    we’ll stand by to see you through,
    Softly floating on the breeze,
    verdant green with white of snow,
    This our banner we will carry
    in our hearts whe’er we go

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