Eastern Washington may not be the biggest school, but it’s certainly home to a big tailgating scene. Eagles fans from all over eastern Washington come out to cheer on the Eagles and tailgate before the game making a trip to Cheney a fun time for anyone who loves college football or tailgating.

All around Roos Field you’ll see Eagles fans dressed head to toe in red and black grilling, drinking, and having fun. There is lots of camaraderie between the fans, and everyone is quite nice as long as you’re wearing EWU colors. Even if you aren’t, don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with Eagles fans as they’re more than happy to talk ball.

Additionally, make sure to take the opportunity to see the band and cheer squad perform at the tailgate before the game. Both groups put on a great show and do an excellent job of creating a spirited atmosphere surrounding the game.

Eastern Washington is home to a fun tailgating experience, so

Check out our in-depth Tailgating guide to the Eastern Washington Eagles’s Stadium, Roos Field! All the best tailgating spots, traditions, & things to do!

arrive early to get the most out of your trip to Cheney.


Parking Lot Cheer and Band Performances

Keep an eye out for Eastern Washington cheer team and band as they perform around the tailgate. Both groups put on a great show and create a fun atmosphere with their performances before the game.

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Stadium Facade

Check out the stadium facade on your way into the stadium, which celebrates the Eagles 2010 national championship as well as the program’s retired numbers. The display is a must-see for Eagles fans as well as an excellent reminder of Eastern Washington’s greatest players and teams.

Where to tailgate

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