1. Ballpark Art

Take a walk around the concourse to see all the artwork on display at Southwest University Park. The artwork here features nine murals by El Paso artist Gaspar Enriquez and much more, so take some time during your visit to see it all.

2. Big Dog House

If you’re holding a large event, then you can’t beat renting out the Wooftop Deck or Sun Kings Saloon in the Big Dog House. The Wooftop Deck and Sun Kings Saloon provide you with an incredible view of the park as well as everything you need for a large party including chairs, tables, food, and more.

3. Not Whole Fence

Make sure to see “Not Whole Fence” by Ball-Nogues Studios. The piece of art is designed to look like an old wood fence and harkens back to baseball’s early days when fans would peer through holes in the fence to watch the game.

4. Chico’s Playground

Those who are taking the kids to the game will want to stop by Chico’s Playground. Chico’s Playground is home to inflatables, a splash pad, and more making it the perfect place to take the little ones when they get restless during the game.

5. Santa Fe Pavilion

Located in right field, the Santa Fe Pavilion is a great place to host a large party accommodating 60 to 260 people. The Santa Fe Pavilion features two floors and three buffet options making it the perfect place to entertain a large group.

6. Chico

Chico is the official mascot of the El Paso Chihuahuas and is a can’t miss part of any game. Fans young and old love Chico and his shenanigans, so keep an eye out for him during the game.

7. Fiesta Patio

Those of you who want to be close to the action will love the opportunity to hold an event at the Fiesta Patio. The Fiesta Patio is located just beyond first base and practically puts you and your group on the field making it an excellent place to take in a game.

8. Clock Tower

Take a peek at the beautiful clock tower before entering the ballpark. The clock tower features a gorgeous mural and the clock from the Insight Museum, so don’t miss checking out this beautiful ballpark feature when attending a Chihuahuas game.

9. Bullpen Patio

The Bullpen Patio is located just feet away from the Chihuahuas’ bullpen and provides you with a fantastic view of the pitchers warming up. If you want to catch a glimpse of your favorite players warming up, then you can’t beat holding a party at the Bullpen Patio.


10. Chihuahuas Team Shop

Pick up a souvenir from Chihuahuas Team Shop to commemorate your trip to Southwest University Park. The team shop is home to all kinds of Chihuahuas merchandise including caps, t-shirts, foam fingers, and much more.

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