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Rhodes Stadium is a gorgeous place to take in a game during the fall, which alone makes the trip to Elon worth your while. The stadium is located on the beautiful Elon campus and blends in well with their surroundings creating a picturesque game day environment. All around you, you’ll see beautiful architecture and fall foliage making Elon one of the more scenic destinations in the FCS.

When attending an Elon game, you’ll also be accompanied by some of the friendliest fans in college football. Elon fans are extremely friendly and are more than happy to talk ball with visiting fans. Don’t misinterpret their friendliness for a lack of passion for their team though, as Elon fans are among some of the most diehard out there. The stands inside Rhodes Stadium are a sea of maroon and gold creating a fun and festive in-game atmosphere.

Finally, make sure to enjoy the pageantry on display at an Elon football game. The team’s entrance kicks things off when the team runs down the hill into the field of play. After that, you’ll experience a full borage of marching band performances, cheerleaders, dance teams, and mascots. All of which makes attending a Phoenix football game a memorable experience.

You’ll have a great time taking in a Phoenix football game, so get your tickets to an Elon football game today.

Things to check out

Team Entrance

Before the game, the team gathers at the top of the hill in the end zone and rubs the Phoenix statue before entering the field of play. The entrance is similar to the one done at Clemson and is a can’t-miss part of every Elon football game. Get to your seat early, so you don’t miss this spectacular display.

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Check out the banners celebrating Elon’s 1980 and 1981 NAIA national championships as well as the school’s retired numbers. The banners are must-sees for any longtime Phoenix fan, so take a minute to see them all.

Phoenix Phun Hill

Those of you taking the kids to the game will want to stop by the Phoenix Phun Hill. The Phoenix Phun Hill features inflatables and other kids activities making it the perfect place to take restless kids during the game.

Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band

Enjoy the performance of the Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band before, during, and after the game. The pregame, halftime, and postgame shows are all must-sees, and the in-game atmosphere provided by the band is also fantastic.

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Phoenix Mascot

Don’t miss the Phoenix mascot during your trip to Rhodes Stadium. The mascot interacts with fans young and old throughout the game making him a fun part of any Elon football game.

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Elon Cheer and Dance Teams

The Elon Cheer and Dance Teams put on an incredible performance at Phoenix football games. The cheer team pumps up the crowd with their cheers and chants, while the dance team will dazzle you with their fantastic routines.

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Fight Songs

  1. Elon Fight Song

    So here’s to dear old Elon
    Faithful and bold.
    Here’s to her banner
    Of maroon and gold.
    And here’s to men and women,
    Who’ve come and gone,
    Singing the victor’s song of old Elon.

  2. The Alma Mater

    Sons of Elon, daughters too,
    Bring their praise and homage true.
    In thy keeping there will be
    Words and deeds to honor thee.
    Hearken to the song they’re singing,
    And the loyalty they’re bringing.
    Alma Mater, they will cherish thee;
    Alma Mater, they will cherish thee.

    Proud, the oak trees on thy hill
    Offer shade and shadow still
    Green the fields around thee lie;
    Blue the Carolina sky.
    Stately rise thy halls of learning,
    Toward their portals we are turning.
    Alma Mater, we will cherish thee;
    Alma Mater, we will cherish thee.

    Elon, ever lead us on
    To a bright and happy dawn;
    Teach us still to love and pray,
    Guide us to a nobler day.
    Joyous music lies before us,
    Memories to swell the chorus.
    Alma Mater, we will cherish thee;
    Alma Mater, we will cherish thee.

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