Phoenix fans love to tailgate making tailgating a big part of attending an Elon football game. Fans here arrive bright and early to get their game day kicked off in the right way. You’ll see fans setting up grills, tents, generators, TVs, and much more hours before the game as everyone here goes all out to throw incredible tailgate parties.

Like mentioned, tailgating isn’t taken lightly here at Elon, meaning you’ll want to come prepared ready to enjoy plenty of delicious food including Carolina barbecue. The fans here put on quite the spread and are mighty friendly, so bring something to share, and you’ll make new friends quickly when tailgating before a Phoenix game.

Additionally, you’ll find lots of school pride on display before the game. Everywhere you look, you’ll see fans in Elon gear creating a festive atmosphere. You also won’t want to miss the team walk before the game, which gives you the opportunity to see your favorite players up close as they make their way into the stadium.

Elon is home to a thriving tailgating scene filled with delicious food, friendly fans, and lots of school spirit, so plan your trip to Elon today.


Team Walk

Give the football team some last minute support as they make their way to Rhodes Stadium through the tailgate accompanied by the cheerleaders. The team walk is a must-see for Elon fans and an excellent way to get into the Phoenix game day spirit.

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Live Music

Elon tailgates typically feature live music, so make your way to the stage and enjoy the show. There are few better ways to spend a morning than listening to live music and getting revved up to cheer on Elon.

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Where to tailgate

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