1. Fun Zone

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then make sure to stop by the Fun Zone. The Fun Zone is located in left field near picnic garden and features a bounce house, inflatable slide, speed pitch, and more.

2. Road to the Show Board

Stop by the Road to the Show Board to see all the major leaguers to have come through Erie over the years. The board lists the names of some of the greatest Detroit Tigers of all-time including Justin Verlander, so make sure to check it out.

3. Standings and Lineup Boards

Located behind home plate are boards displaying the Eastern League Standings, Eastern League leaders, and tonight’s lineups. The boards are perfect for anyone who isn’t in the know and wants to get a better idea of what is going on around the Eastern League.

4. Buck Night

Buck Night is the best deal of the season. On Buck Night you can purchase hot dogs, select domestic beers, popcorn, and soft drinks for just a $1 a piece. If you can only attend one SeaWolves game, make sure it’s Buck Night.

5. Autographs

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get an autograph from your favorite SeaWolf before the game. Arrive early and get a spot along the baselines for your chance secure a signature from SeaWolves players and personnel.

6. C. Wolf

Keep an eye out for the SeaWolves mascot C. Wolf during the game. Like most mascots throughout the minors, C. Wolf gets into all kinds of shenanigans during the game and is a big part of the in-game entertainment.

7. Nearby Bars and Restaurants

UPMC Park is located in downtown Erie meaning you won’t find a lot of traditional tailgating. However, there are plenty of great bars and restaurants nearby to check out. Sluggers Sports Bar & Grill, Calamari’s Squid Row, Plymouth Tavern are all great places to grab a drink or bite to eat, so arrive early and grab some grub before the game.

8. Launch-A-Ball

Take part in the Launch-A-Ball promotion following the game for your chance to win some cool prizes. After the game, you’ll have one-minute and 30 seconds to throw your ball onto one of the targets on the field and win a prize.

9. Team Store

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to UPMC Park at the team store. Here you’ll find a wide selection of SeaWolves merchandise including caps, t-shirts, jerseys, and much more.

10. Prize Wheel

Spin the SeaWolves Prize Wheel for your chance to win some great SeaWolves prizes including caps and t-shirts. The Prize Wheel is located on the first base concourse and only cost a $1 a spin.

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