1. Owl Fingers

Exuberant Owls fans flash the owl fingers hand signal to show off their FAU pride. To take part in this gameday tradition, all you have to do is for a circle with your pointer finger and thumb on both hands and extend your other fingers.

2. Owlsley

Owlsley is the official mascot of FAU athletics and can be on the sideline at every home football game. He riles up the crowds through his crazy antics making sure that everyone is in full support of the owls, so make sure to keep an eye out for him during the game.

3. FAU Hall of Fame

Stop by the FAU Hall of Fame before the game to see tributes to all of the best athletes in Owls history. The Hall of Fame has a plaque dedicated to each member and is a must-see for any college sports fan.

4. Banners

Hanging above the court at FAU Arena are banners celebrating the program’s 2002 NCAA Tournament appearance and conference championships. Take a moment to take them all in and remember your favorite Owls basketball memories.

5. Bury the Burrow in Red

Make sure to wear red when attending a game against rivals FIU. Everyone wears red to show their support for the Owls when they take on FIU, so wear red and show off your FAU pride.

6. Tailgating

Boca Raton is home to some beautiful weather regardless of the time of year, and you’ll find lots of FAU fans tailgating before games. The tailgaters at FAU have a pretty good setup for basketball games, so bring a cooler and grill and join in on the fun.

7. FAU-FIU Rivalry

No matter what the sport there is always a lot of bad blood between FAU and FIU. The two Florida-based members of Conference USA have a long-standing rivalry, and the close proximity of the two schools means there are a lot of fans of both teams at the games. Don’t miss it when FAU and FIU meet on the hardwood.

8. Owl Team Store

The Owl Team Store is home to a wide selection of FAU gear. The store has everything from t-shirts to hats to foam fingers and much more, so make a visit and pick up a souvenir from your trip.

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