1. 24-Hour Tailgate

Every year before FC Dallas’s first home match, the club hosts a 24-hour tailgate. FC Dallas fans camp out the night before the game and tailgate all night making it one of the biggest tailgating celebrations in not only Major League Soccer, but all of the sports. The tradition dates back to the team’s first game at Toyota Stadium in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. If you can only get to one FC Dallas match, then make sure it’s the first one so you can take part in the 24-hour tailgate.

2. Scarfing of the Lamar Hunt Statue

Before each game, An FC Dallas scarf is wrapped around the neck of the Lamar Hunt statue. A local celebrity typically performs the scarfing, and it gets everyone pumped up to cheer on FC Dallas. Don’t miss this FC Dallas tradition when visiting Toyota Park.

3. Texas Derby

The cities of Dallas and Houston have a fierce rivalry, and it’s no different when it comes to their MLS teams. Not only are bragging rights on the line but also El Capitan, a replica Civil War cannon. There isn’t bigger matchup at Toyota Stadium than a Texas Derby, so make sure to get your tickets when the Dynamo come to town.

4. Dallas Beer Guardians Tailgate

The Dallas Beer Guardians supporter group throws one of the best tailgates in Major League Soccer. Here you’ll find great food, beer, and lots of new friends. Just make sure to bring a few bucks as a donation.

5. Supporter Groups

FC Dallas has several supporter groups who provide an incredible in-game atmosphere. Unlike a lot of places where the groups are confined to one corner of the stadium, at Toyota Park you’ll find several groups strewn throughout the stands. The Beer Guardians, Inferno, and Lone Star Legion make their home in the North End while the DFE and Red Shamrock are located in Section 101 on the west side. No matter where you’re sitting at Toyota Stadium, you’ll be able to feel the excitement created by the FC Dallas supporter groups.

6. Tex Hooper

Don’t miss the FC Dallas mascot Tex Hooper during your trip to Frisco. Tex Hooper performs all kind of antics throughout the game and is especially popular with children.

7. El Matador Tailgate

Another supporter group tailgate to check out is the El Matador Tailgate. These diehards throw an excellent tailgate party, so stop by and join in the fun before taking in an FC Dallas game.

8. Team Shop

Those of you looking to pick up some FC Dallas gear will want to stop by the FC Dallas Team Shop. The shop is located in the Northeast corner of the stadium and is the best place to pick up FC Dallas merchandise including jerseys, t-shirts, scarves, and more.

9. Dallas Football Elite Tailgate at Stans Main Street

The DFE can be found tailgating before each match at Stans Main Street. Those of you who prefer the bar scene will want to check out the DFE and join them as they make their way to the stadium.

10. FC Dallas-Colorado Rapids Rivalry

There has been a lot of bad blood between the Rapids and FC Dallas over the last few years, which has ignited a fierce rivalry between the two. FC Dallas fans loathe the Rapids, so don’t miss this matchup if you want to see Toyota Stadium at its best.

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