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An FIU Panthers game is home to everything you would expect from a college hoops game. The cheerleaders and dance team put on a great show, and if Roary the Panther doesn’t manage to put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will. The FIU band also creates a fun in-game atmosphere with their tunes and helps to give FIU Arena a collegiate feel.

The fan support at Panthers can be a bit hit or miss, but FIU students have recently stepped up their game by creating the Rosenberg Rowdies. You can spot these Panthers diehards at every game cheering on the team, so keep an eye for them during your visit.

Finally, make sure to stop by and snap a picture the bronze panther sculpture before the game. The sculpture offers an excellent photo opportunity and will create a nice keepsake from your trip.

An FIU basketball game is a fun stop for college hoops fanatics visiting Miami, so check it out during your trip.

Things to check out

Bronze Panther Sculpture

Before heading into FIU Arena stop by the bronze panther sculpture. The statue presents a great photo op, so make sure to get a picture with it to commemorate your trip to Miami.

Roary the Panther

Roary is the official mascot of FIU who provides both support for the Panthers as well as entertainment throughout the game. His wild antics pump up the crowd creating a great home court advantage.

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Rosenberg Rowdies

This group of diehard Panthers fans supports the team at all athletic events. These fans are filled to the brim with school pride and are very vocal in their support of the Panthers during games, so keep an eye out for them when attending an FIU game.

Pep Band

The pep band at FIU creates a great deal of the in-game atmosphere. The band performs a variety of songs and plays a key role in helping propel the Panthers to victory, so enjoy their performance.

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The FIU cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their cheers and routines. Even when the Panthers aren’t doing well, the cheerleaders still manage to do a good job of cheering them on. Join in on the cheers to root on the Panthers to victory

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Dance Team

You’ll love the performances put on by the FIU dance team. These talented dancers put on a great show that you won’t want to miss, so don’t leave your seat during stoppages in play.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    We are the panthers of FIU
    the golden panthers of FIU
    We will continue to fight
    with all of our might
    for victory for gold and blue
    we stand together and proudly say
    our golden panthers go all the way
    We’ll always strive for victory
    blue-blooded through and through
    ’cause we’re F-I-U-

    Go F
    Go I
    Go U
    Go F-I-U
    Panthers fight!
    Panthers fight!
    Panthers fight!


  2. Alma Mater

    Hail to thee dear FIU
    With voices true we pledge to thee
    All our love and our devotion
    Humble faith and loyalty
    We will strive for understanding
    and for peace and unity
    We will search for truth and wisdom
    We will always honor thee
    FIU alma mater
    Hail hail to thee

  3. Rattle the Cage! Chant

    Rattle the cage!

    Rattle the cage!

    Rattle the cage!

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