1. Marching 100

The Marching 100 is Florida A&M’s 400+ member band and is one of the best bands in the country. They put on an incredible performance at games and are a can’t miss part of any FAMU sporting event, so make sure to enjoy the Marching 100 when taking in a Rattlers game.


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2. Homecoming Parade

There is no better time to attend a Florida A&M game than homecoming, and if you’re attending the homecoming game, then make sure to check out the homecoming parade. The parade is a fantastic way to celebrate the university and kick-off tailgating, so come on out and enjoy the homecoming parade before a full day of tailgating.

3. Florida Classic

The Florida Classic is played each year between Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman and is the biggest MEAC game of the year. The game is held at Camping World Stadium in Orlando and is a must-see event for any Rattlers fan. The rivalry dates back to 1925, and the Rattlers hold a 50-21-1 all-time lead in the series. Although, the battle of the bands between the two schools is the real show, so make sure to stay in your seat at halftime when attending the Florida Classic.

4. Cool Zones

Beat the heat with the cool zones located under Bragg Memorial Stadium. It can get quite hot at the games early in the season making the cool zones a must visit for just about any fan in attendance.

5. Campus Tailgating

FAMU offers tailgating on campus near the stadium meaning you won’t have to stray far from the stadium to enjoy an excellent tailgating experience. The university offers tailgating spots to non-homecoming games starting at $50 a piece, so come on out and enjoy tailgating with your fellow Rattlers fans.

6. Cheerleaders

Enjoy the performance of the FAMU cheerleaders when attending a Rattlers game. The cheerleaders keep everyone’s spirits high even when the Rattlers are struggling and are a fun part of any FAMU game.


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7. Venom

Don’t miss the wild and crazy antics of the Rattlers’ mascot Venom. Venom gets into all kinds of trouble during the game and is a fun part of any FAMU game, so don’t miss him during your trip to Bragg Memorial Stadium.

8. Merchandise Vendors

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to a Rattlers game, then stop by the vendors on the east side of Bragg Memorial Stadium. You’ll find a wide variety of Rattlers and FAMU gear here, so you won’t have to worry about leaving empty-handed.

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