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FAU is home to a budding football program that is seeing more and more fans come out and support the Owls each year.  The growing fanbase at FAU creates a unique atmosphere that is both very passionate and very approachable for new fans. Everyone will feel welcome at an Owls game as the friendly FAU fans are among some of the most welcoming in the country.

Despite being a relatively young fan base, you’ll find no lack of passion at FAU when attending a game. The fans here have a variety of chants for you to take part in and will show their passion and pride for the Owls with their cheering all throughout the game.

One of the unique things about attending an FAU game is the tropical atmosphere that surrounds by the stadium and the game itself. FAU Stadium is located close to the beach and offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean from the west side of the stadium. Don’t worry if you’re seated on the east side of the stadium, though, as here you’ll find a beautiful view of the setting sun if attending a night game.

The passionate young fanbase and beautiful oceanside location of FAU Stadium make for a delightful game day experience at FAU.

Things to check out

Howard Schnellenberger Statue

When visiting FAU make sure to stop by the Schnellenberger Statue. The statue pays tribute to one of the most pivotal figures in the creation of the FAU football program, so make sure to honor him while attending the game.

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Sky Boxes with views of the Atlantic Ocean

The sky boxes at FAU offer one of a unique views in all of the sports. FAU Stadium is the only place in the country where you can see both a division one college football game as well as look out over the Atlantic Ocean. These boxes can be pricey, but they are wealth worth it for the unique view they offer you.

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Owl Fingers

After every Owls score, exuberant fans flash this hand signal to show off their FAU pride. To take part in this gameday tradition, all you have to do is for a circle with your pointer finger and thumb on both hands and extend your other fingers.


Owlsley is the official mascot of FAU athletics and can be on the sideline at every home football game. He riles up the crowds through his crazy antics making sure that everyone is in full support of the owls, so make sure to keep an eye out for him during the game.

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Florida Atlantic Marching Owls

The marching band at Florida Atlantic is an integral part of the gameday experience both inside and outside of the stadium. Before the game, you’ll find the band taking part in both the Owl Walk as well as the Owl Rally as a way to make sure fans are fired up and ready to support FAU on the field before the game even starts.

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Fight Songs

  1. Kick Off Chant

    After the ball is kicked everyone chants “FAU” and when the ball is caught fans chant “Owls”


  2. Go! Owls!

    The home side chants Go! and the students respond with Owls!


  3. Fight Song

    We’ll fight fight fight for F A U
    Where home is a pa-ra-dise
    We’ll fight, fight, fight, for F A U
    We know we’re gonna win, and it’s feelin’ mighty nice
    Cheering our hometown team down the field
    and waving our colors too, Hoot! Hoot!
    The fighting owls are on the prowl
    Go F.A.U!

  4. FAU Alma Mater

    With the Gulf stream breezes blowing
    The search for truth goes on.
    Seeking, learning, sharing knowledge.
    Finding the meaning of the past that is gone.
    Where nature beams with pleasant weather. We strive to learn to work together.
    Florida Atlantic, we praise and hail thy name. 

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