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Florida International may not be the biggest program, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time when attending a Panthers game. The smaller size of the stadium means you’ll experience a more intimate atmosphere when attending an FIU game and will provide you with a great view of the action no matter where you’re sitting.

As for the fans, FIU has a growing fan base  that is hoping to have more to cheer for in the coming years as the team has struggled a bit lately. Don’t worry though as there is still plenty of fan support behind the team with the diehards filling the stands for every game win or lose.

A unique thing about attending an FIU game is the fact the food inside the stadium offers a Latin flare.  FIU is located in a diverse area of Miami and as a result, you’ll find some unique concessions that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. In the upper corner of the stadium, you’ll find a signature FIU dish, the arepa.  If you’ve never had an arepa before think of it as a tamable biscuit, the outside is made of cornmeal and the inside is usually stuffed with pork and melted cheese.  This is an absolute must have when you’re at the game and a fan favorite of the students.

The intimate atmosphere and unique concessions will ensure that you have an excellent time at FIU Stadium when watching the Panthers.

Things to check out

Panther Club

The Panther Clubs offer fans the opportunity to experience an FIU game in the most luxurious fashion available. Not only do these seats provide the best view of the game, but they also allow fans to access the exclusive stadium club and upgraded concession options.

FIU Panther Marching Band

The Marching Band plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere at FIU games and provides plenty of great traditions. The halftime shows are excellent and showcase how far the football program has come in only a short period

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Roary the Panther

Roary is the official mascot of FIU who provides both support for the Panthers as well as entertainment throughout the game. His wild antics pump up the crowd creating a great home field advantage.

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Panther Rage

This group of diehard Panthers fans supports the team at all athletic events. These fans are filled to the brim with school pride and are very vocal in their support of the Panthers during games, so keep an eye out for them when attending an FIU game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    We are the panthers of FIU
    the golden panthers of FIU
    We will continue to fight
    with all of our might for victory for gold and blue
    we stand together and proudly say
    our golden panthers go all the way
    We’ll always strive for victory
    blue-blooded through and through
    ’cause we’re F-I-U-  Go F
    Go I
    Go U
    Go F-I-U
    Panthers fight! Panthers fight! Panthers fight!

  2. Alma Mater

    Hail to thee dear FIU With voices true we pledge to thee
    All our love and our devotion
    Humble faith and loyalty
    We will strive for understanding
    and for peace and unity
    We will search for truth and wisdom
    We will always honor thee
    FIU alma mater
    Hail hail to thee.

  3. Rattle the Cage! Chant

    Rattle the Cage!

    Rattle the Cage!

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