1. Panther Sculpture

The Panther sculpture provides a great photo op and will bring those who rub its paw 40 years of good luck, so stop by to give yourself and the football team good luck on gameday.

2. Panther Club

The Panther Clubs offer fans the opportunity to experience an FIU game in the most luxurious fashion available. Not only do these seats provide the best view of the game, but they also allow fans to access the exclusive stadium club and upgraded concession options.

3. Roar Lounge

The Roar Lounge is the official FIU alumni tailgate located in Lot 7. Here you’ll find something for everything, as the Roar Lounge offers music, food, drinks, giveaways, and you’ll even be able to see the FIU Marching Band up close.

4. Roary the Panther

Roary is the official mascot of FIU who provides both support for the Panthers as well as entertainment throughout the game. His wild antics pump up the crowd creating a great home field advantage.

5. FIU Panther Marching Band

The marching band plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere at FIU games and provides plenty of great traditions. The halftime shows are excellent and showcase how far the football program has come in only a short period.

6. Shula Bowl

Each year the Shula Bowl is contested between Florida Atlantic and Florida International. The matchup is named after famed Dolphins head coach Don Shula because both program’s first coaches have ties to the legendary coach. These two bitter Florida rivals are located two hours away from each other, so there are always plenty of fans of both teams at the Shula Bowl creating an intense albeit fun tailgating and in-game atmosphere. If you can only make it to one FIU game, then make sure to attend the Shula Bowl.

7. Panther Rage

This group of diehard Panthers fans supports the team at all athletic events. These fans are filled to the brim with school pride and are very vocal in their support of the Panthers during games, so keep an eye out for them when attending an FIU game.

8. Panther Pit

The Panther Pit is set up in conjunction with the school and offers food vendors, picnic tables, face painting, merchandise, a bounce house, and much more. The Panther Pit is located right outside the corner gate to the stadium, so stop by and join in on the fun.

9. Unique Concessions

FIU is in a diverse neighborhood on the outskirts of Miami, and the food at the stadium is no different.  For the most part, you will find your standard stadium food in hot dogs, burgers, and popcorn.  But, if you want to taste one of the unique items you will find at a football game head into the upper concourse and try out the arepas.  The arepa is a Latin-inspired flatbread sandwich that you will not regret giving a shot.  

10. Student Tailgate

The student tailgate provides the rowdiest and wildest pregame party at FIU, so if you’re looking let loose then check it out. The tailgate takes place in Lot 6 and is an excellent place to enjoy the pregame festivities with fellow students. Here you’ll be able to either reserve a spot or try and find one on a first come first served basis.

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