1. Rat Trick

Panthers fans celebrate Panthers goals and wins by throwing plastic rats on the ice. The tradition dates back to 1995 when Scott Mellanby shot a rat across the dressing room and in recent years has become one of the Panthers biggest traditions with the team shop even selling plastic rats. Make sure to bring rats to the game so that you can join in on this fun tradition.

2. New Times Bandstand

The New Times Bandstand is the place for you to see live music before, during, and after the game. The music starts when the gates open, so make a visit to the Coors Light Cool Zone for your chance to see today’s live act.

3. Den of Honor

The Den of Honor features tributes to all the best players and moments in Panthers history. It’s located right next to Pantherland and is a must-see for hockey fans no matter what your affiliation.

4. Pantherland

If you want to pick up some Panthers gear then make sure to stop by Pantherland Retail. Pantherland Retail has an incredible selection of Panthers gear and is the perfect place to stock up on jerseys, shirts, hats, and more.

5. Stanley C. Panther and Victor E. Rat

The Panthers have two mascots who keep fans entertained throughout the game. Stanley C. Panther and Victor E. Rat perform all sorts of skits and promotions during games, so be on alert for them during your visit to the BB&T Center.

6. Tim Hortons

Like several other NHL arenas, the BB&T Center is home to Canada’s favorite coffee chain, Tim Horton’s. If you’re visiting from up north, or just want a good cup of Joe, be sure to hit up Tim Horton’s inside the BB&T Center.

6. Roar Corps

The Roar Corps energize the arena during the game and keep the venue lively even when the action stops. Get loud when you see the Roar Corps for your chance to win some great prizes.

8. Food Courts

The BB&T Center is home to three food courts on the plaza and upper levels. These food courts offer a variety of different cuisine meaning no matter what you have a craving for you’ll go home feeling full.

9. Legends Lounge

Those of you who want to enjoy a meal before the game need to look no further than the Legends Lounge. Legends Lounge opens an hour before the game, so arrive early to enjoy this upscale sports bar.

10. Tiki Bar

If you want to enjoy some island drinks during your visit to the BB&T Center then stop by Tiki Bar. Tiki Bar is the perfect place to hang out for a bit if the ice and coolness of the arena are making you too cold.

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