1. Seminole War Chant

The Seminole War Chant can be heard all throughout Tallahassee as it is the rallying cry of the team and fans. 14,000 Seminole fans waving their hands back and forth as they cheer on their team is quite the sight to behold as well as a great way for the fans to get in their opponent’s head. Join in the Seminole War Chant for the chance to experience one of the most famous traditions in college sports.

2. Banners

Hanging from the rafters of the arena are banners celebrating the Seminoles retired and honored numbers as well as the team’s 1972 Final Four appearance. Take a minute to check out the banners and remember all of your favorite Seminoles from the past including Sam Cassell and Ron King.

3. Chief Osceola

Florida State’s mascot Chief Osceola entertains the crowds and works everyone into a frenzy at games. Keep your eyes open for the Chief and join in on the cheers and chants he leads.

4. The Sunshine Showdown: Florida State-Florida

The Seminoles and Gators have a fierce rivalry regardless of the sport, and basketball is no different. The two Florida schools have been battling on the court since 1951 and have played at least once each year since 1978. There are always a lot of bragging rights on the line when these two meet, so don’t miss it when the Gators come to town.

5. Pep Band

The Florida State pep band sets the mood at Seminoles basketball games with their unique musical stylings. The band is a big part of any collegiate sporting event, so enjoy their tunes when attending a Florida State basketball game.

6. Cheerleaders

The FSU cheerleaders will get everyone up and cheering throughout the game. They perform a variety of fun routines and are one of the main components of a Seminoles basketball game, so join in on the cheers to show your support for the ‘Noles.

7. Golden Girls

The FSU Golden Girls entertain the crowd with their dance routines. Even when the action on the court is subpar, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Golden Girls when attending an FSU basketball game.

8. Florida State-Miami Rivalry

Florida State-Miami is one of the best ACC football rivalries, and the two schools have an intense basketball rivalry as well. While the basketball matchups between the Seminoles and Hurricanes may not be as memorable, the matchups between these two on the hardwood are still must-see events for fans of the two teams.

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