1. Seven Blocks of Granite Monument

Make sure to check out the Seven Blocks of Granite Monument when visiting Fordham. The monument honors the Rams’ famous offensive line from the 1936-37 season, which included Leo Paquin, Johnny Druze, Alex Wojciechowicz, Ed Franco, Al Babartsky, Natty Pierce and Vince Lombardi.

2. Ring the Bell

Don’t miss the ringing of the bell after every Fordham victory. The time honored tradition is one of the biggest traditions on campus and a must-see for any Fordham student or alumni.

3. Pep Band

The Fordham Pep Band’s performance pumps up the crowd throughout the game. The band keeps spirits high with their in-game music making them a key part of any Rams football game.

4. Ram-Crusader Cup

You won’t want to miss it when Fordham squares off with Patriot League rivals Holy Cross. The Rams and Crusaders have been battling it out on the gridiron since 1902, and the winner takes home the Ram-Crusader Cup as well as bragging rights making every matchup between these two a must-see event.

5. The Ram

Look for The Ram during your visit to Fordham. The Ram gets into all kinds of shenanigans and is a fun part of the game no matter what your age.

6. Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of cheering on the Rams throughout the game and even do push-ups after every Fordham score. Join in the cheerleaders’ chants and count the push-ups for them when the Rams find the end zone.

7. Lot A

If you want to tailgate before a Rams football game, then get to Lot A three hours before kickoff. Break out the grill, tent, table, and chairs for a fun day of tailgating in Lot A when attending a Fordham football game.

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