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Furman is an amazing place to take in a football game as it features tons of pageantry, great fans, and a gorgeous scenic setting. Before the game even starts you’ll be treated to one of the most exciting intros in the FCS as the Paladins’ live mascot leads the team onto the field on horseback. After the intro, things don’t cool off as the marching band puts on a fantastic show throughout the game.

The intro also does an incredible job of working an already energetic fan base into a frenzy. The fans go wild when the Paladins take the field, and they don’t let up from there. All throughout the game, you’ll hear cheers and chants coming from the stand creating a fantastic in-game atmosphere.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy some beautiful scenery when attending a game at Paladins Stadium. From your seat, you’ll have an excellent view of the mountains, which along with the fall foliage create an idyllic feeling.

You’ll love your trip to Furman, so get your tickets to a Paladins football game today.

Things to check out

Live Paladin Mascot Intro

Don’t miss the live paladin mascot at every Furman game. Get to your seat early as the paladin and his steed lead the team onto the field. The intro works the crowd into a frenzy and is a must-see part of any Furman game.

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Take a look at the list of the Paladins football team’s championships on the locker room building. Here you’ll see a list of the program’s conference championships and national championships allowing you to relive all your favorite Paladins football moments.

Kids Play Area

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then stop by the kids play area near the home bleachers. The play area features all kinds of kids activities making it the perfect place to take restless kids during the game.

Paladin Fan Store

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to Furman at the Paladin Fan Store on the home concourse. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Paladins merchandise including t-shirts, hats, foam fingers, and more.

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The Paladin Regiment

The Paladin Regiment puts on a fantastic show at every game, so enjoy their performance throughout the game. Whether it's them pumping up the crowd on key fourth downs or dazzling the fans at halftime, you’ll love listening to The Paladin Regiment.

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The cheerleaders do an incredible job of pumping up the crowd with their cheers and chants. Join in the cheers and help propel the Paladins to victory.

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Fight Songs

  1. Furman Fight Song

    All hail the white and purple
    Floating on high,
    Hear the shouts of triumph echo through the sky
    (Fight, Fight, Fight)
    Roll the cheering onward,
    Hail full and free
    Vic’try be now for Furman University!

  2. Furman Alma Mater

    The mountain city is her home,
    A mountain river laves her feet,
    And from far coasts her children come,
    And crown her brow with flowers sweet.
    And ‘neath her shade they rest secure
    And drink from wisdom’s fountain pure,
    Then rally loyal sons and true,
    For our dear Alma Mater.

    A ship of royal make is she,
    And brings her treasure from a far,
    Her truth it is that makes us free
    And shines her beacon like a star.
    “Twas Furman’s hand that laid her keel,
    And Judson set her ribs of steel;
    The fathers, prayerful for our weal,
    Launched our dear Alma Mater.

    A mother gentle, fair and wise,
    And grave with weight of storied lore,
    She greets us with love’s radiant eyes,
    And chains our hearts for evermore.
    Old Furman! grateful sons are we,
    Our love, our lives we give to thee,
    We’ll keep faith’s vow to serve but thee,
    Our own dear Alma Mater.

  3. FU Cheer

    FU one time!

    FU two times!

    FU three times!

    FU all the time!

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