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Gardner-Webb is the pride and joy of Boiling Springs, North Carolina, and as a result, fans from all over the area come out to support the Runnin’ Bulldogs football team. On game days, you’ll find a packed house inside Spangler Stadium creating a raucous atmosphere that any college football fan would enjoy.

The fans aren’t the only ones who make a trip to Boiling Springs a memorable one. The Marching Bulldogs put on an incredible performance throughout the game. Whether they’re pumping up the crowd during the action or playing their fantastic halftime show, the Marching Bulldogs are a must-see part of any game.

Finally, don’t miss the Runnin’ Bulldogs talented spirit groups. Gardner-Webb’s mascots Lucy and Mack get into all kinds of antics during the game, and you’ll want to join in the cheerleaders’ cheers and chants to help propel the Bulldogs to victory.

A trip to Gardner-Webb features everything you could want in a college football game including die-hard fans, an excellent marching band, and fun spirit groups, so plan your trip to Boiling Springs today.

Things to check out

Bulldog Store

Stop by the Bulldog Store to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Spangler Stadium. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Runnin’ Bulldogs merchandise including t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and much more.

Marching Bulldogs

The Marching Bulldogs put on an incredible performance at every Gardner-Webb football game, making them a can’t-miss part of every game. Enjoy the Marching Bulldogs as their music does a fantastic job of livening up the atmosphere inside Spangler Stadium.

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Lucy and Mack

Don’t miss Gardner-Webb’s mascots Lucy and Mack. These two loveable mascots get into all kinds of shenanigans during the game, so you’ll never know what they’ll do next.


The cheerleaders at Gardner-Webb will pump you and the rest of the crowd up throughout the game. Join in the cheers and chants and help give the Runnin’ Bulldogs a great home field advantage.

Fight Songs

  1. Gardner-Webb University Fight Song

    We are the Bulldogs
    Hoo-ray for Bulldogs
    We’ll show the world
    our strength and might

    We are the Bulldogs
    Hoo-ray for Bulldogs
    Fighting to win this game tonight

    Fighting for honor
    fighting for glory
    Fighting for victory

    With Gardner-Webb our Alma Mater,
    Victors we’ll always be.

  2. Gardner-Webb University Alma Mater

    At the foot of the mountain
    Is our College; proud she stands,
    Serving all whowant her service,
    Blessing all with outstanding hands.

    With our hands we will serve thee,
    Gardner-Webb, our College fair;
    In our love we will uphold thee;
    Our wealth we’ll gladly share.

    Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
    We sing our love to thee,
    We pledge our hearts in deep devotion
    Our love, our faith, eternally.

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