1. Jack the Bulldog

Jack the Bulldog is the official mascot of the Georgetown Hoyas. Jack has been the name of the bulldog since 1962, and he is a big part of a Georgetown basketball game. The Hoyas also have a costumed version of Jack who entertains the crowd throughout the game, so keep your eyes peeled for both mascots as you wouldn’t want to miss either.

2. Hoya Saxa

You’ll hear the “Hoya Saxa” call and response cheer at every Georgetown basketball game. The cheer has been part of Georgetown tradition since before 1893 and is an excellent way to show off your Hoyas pride at a game. Join in on the Hoya Saxa chant to be a part of the atmosphere at a Georgetown basketball game.

3. Georgetown-Villanova Rivalry

The Hoyas and Wildcats have a fierce rivalry that was fostered in the original Big East and continues today. The biggest matchup in the history of the Georgetown-Villanova rivalry occurred in 1985 NCAA Championship game when the Wildcats upset the high-powered Hoyas 66-64. Don’t miss it when the Wildcats come to town as you’ll be in for a treat whenever Georgetown and Villanova square off.

4. The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille

The Green Turtle is located just beyond the Verizon Center’s main concourse and is the perfect place to grab something to eat or drink before, during, or after the game. It was the first official sports bar in the Gallery Place/Chinatown District and is still fan favorite to this day.

5. Gallery Place

Gallery Place is your one stop shop for pregame and post game entertainment. Inside Gallery Place, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained as not only are there a variety of bars and restaurants, but the facility is also home to a movie theater and bowling alley.

6. Georgetown-St. John’s Rivalry

Both Georgetown and St. John’s are part of the “Catholic 7” and have had a longstanding rivalry since the 1980s when both schools were among the best in the country. The two teams have met many times in the Big East and NCAA Tournaments, although there are always plenty of bragging rights on the line when these two meet. If you’re looking to attend an intense matchup, then get tickets to a Georgetown-St. John’s game.

7. Historical Exhibits

All around the concourse you’ll find exhibits dedicated to the histories of the Georgetown Hoyas, Washington Wizards, and Washington Capitals. There is plenty to see on the concourse so arrive early and walk the concourse to take it all in.

8. Championship Banners

Take a minute to view the banners hanging from the rafters of the Verizon Center. The banners honor lots of Wizards, Capitals, and Hoyas teams including Georgetown’s 1984 national championship team.

9. Georgetown-UConn Rivalry

The rivalry between the Hoyas and the Huskies dates back to 1958. However, things didn’t really heat up until the two schools became members of the Big East in 1979. The rivalry was always one of the best in the Big East, and even with UConn’s departure in 2013, the matchups between these two are still intense. Make sure to get tickets when UConn is in town as there is lots of bad blood between these two rivals.

10. Pep Band

The pep band does an excellent job of bringing life to the Verizon Center with their music. The band plays a variety of Georgetown school songs including “There Goes Old Georgetown” as well as contemporary music, so enjoy the atmosphere provided by the pep band at the game.

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