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The minute you walk into Stegeman Coliseum, you’ll be met with the pride and passion of Georgia athletics. All around the concourse are displays dedicated to past Bulldogs players and coaches. You’ll even see a display showing off a variety of trophies won by the Bulldogs in the past. Then once you reach your seat, there are numerous banners hanging from the rafters honoring all the best teams in Georgia men’s and women’s basketball and gymnastics history.

It’s not just the memorabilia hanging on the walls that create an excellent atmosphere inside Stegeman Coliseum, the fans, pep band, and cheer squads also do a great job of creating a fun game day atmosphere. While there may not be as much passion on display at as at a football game, Georgia fans still come out in large numbers to support their boys on the hardcourt, so don’t be afraid to join in on the chants and become a part of the crowd.

Finally, the area around Stegeman Coliseum offers plenty of pregame and postgame entertainment. Last Resort Grill and Blind Pig Tavern are great places to grab a drink or a bite to eat before or after the game, and a tasting tour of Terrapin Beer Company is a great way to spend an afternoon in Athens if you’re over 21.

A trip to Athens provides a great road trip for any SEC basketball fan, so plan your trip to Stegeman Coliseum today.

Things to check out

Trophy Display

Make sure to stop by the trophy display on the concourse. The display shows off a variety of trophies won by Georgia over the years and is a great place to remember all of the Bulldogs best moments.

Championship Banners

Inside Stegeman Coliseum, you’ll find banners honoring the accomplishments of the men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as the gymnastics team. Take a moment to view the banners and remember all of your favorite Bulldogs memories.

Concourse Displays

All around the concourse you’ll see displays dedicated to the best players and coaches in Bulldogs history. The displays do an excellent job of showcasing the school’s rich athletic history, so don’t miss them.

Kids Zone

If you’re bringing the kids along then stop by the Kids Zone for some pregame fun. The Kids Zone offers a bunch of activities and is a great way for kids to get their energy out before the game.


Uga, the bulldog, has been the Georgia mascot since 1956 and is a big part of University of Georgia athletics. There have been ten generations of Ugas so far, so don’t miss him when visiting Athens.

Hairy Dawg

UGA’s costumed mascot Hairy Dawg has appeared at Georgia sporting events since 1981 and does an excellent job of entertaining fans young and old. Keep your eyes open for Hairy Dawg at a Georgia basketball game since you never know what he’ll get up to next.

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Spike works alongside Hairy Dawg to entertain the crowds at UGA basketball games. The inflatable mascot can perform all kinds of incredible dance moves, so look for him when the music starts.

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Pep Band

The Georgia pep band will bring you into the action with their tunes. They play a variety of Bulldogs favorites as well as contemporary pop songs, so enjoy their musical stylings when attending a Bulldogs basketball game.

Dance and Cheer Teams

The dance and cheer teams will keep you entertained even when the action on the court stops. Stay in your seat during stoppages and enjoy these incredible performers.

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Fight Songs

  1. Alma Mater

    From the hills of Georgia’s northland
    Beams thy noble brow,
    And the sons of Georgia rising
    Pledge with sacred vow.

    ‘Neath the pine tree’s stately shadow
    Spread thy riches rare,
    And thy sons, dear Alma Mater,
    Will thy treasure share.

    And thy daughters proudly join thee,
    Take their rightful place,
    Side by side into the future,
    Equal dreams embrace.

    Through the ages, Alma Mater,
    Men will look to thee;
    Thou the fairest of the Southland
    Georgia’s Varsity.

    Alma Mater, thee we’ll honor,
    True and loyal be,
    Ever crowned with praise and glory,
    Georgia, hail to thee.

  2. Battle Hymn of Bulldog Nation

  3. Glory, Glory

    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!

  4. Hail To Georgia

    Hail to Georgia, down in Dixie!
    A college honor’d fair, and true;
    The Red and Black is her standard,
    proudly it waves.
    Streaming today and the ages through.
    She’s the fairest in the Southland
    We’ll pledge our love to her for aye;
    To that college dear we’ll ring a cheer,
    All hail to dear old U-G-A!

    Hail, our Varsity of Georgia!
    Thy sons will e’er thy glory sing:
    To thee we’ll ever be faithful, loyal and true;
    Ever and aye will thy praises ring.
    Grand old time of ours at Georgia
    The happiest days they’ll be always;
    Alma mater, fair beyond compare,
    All hail to dear old U-G-A!

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