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Georgia State has come a long way as both a university and as a basketball program over the years. Lefty Driesell put the basketball program on the map over a decade ago by winning three regular season conference championships, and as a result of the program’s success, the university is looking to perform major upgrades to the GSU Sports Arena. While the renovations are yet to materialize, there is still plenty of buzz surrounding the program as a result.

The hype and excitement surrounding the GSU basketball program have helped spark the fanbase, and you’ll find one of the better Sun Belt atmospheres at Georgia State games. The fans, particularly the students, are very vocal in their support and create an intense in-game atmosphere that makes it difficult for visiting teams to take home the W.

When attending a Georgia State basketball game, make sure to stop by the Sweet Auburn Market, which is located just a couple blocks from the arena. At the Sweet Auburn Market, you’ll find a wide selection of food options ranging from barbecue to burgers and much more.

The Panthers are an emerging basketball program with a very dedicated fanbase making a trip to Atlanta an excellent experience for any Sun Belt basketball fan. Get your tickets to a GSU basketball game today for your chance to see one of the best teams in the Sun Belt.

Things to check out

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Check out the banners hanging above the court. The banners celebrate the Panthers NCAA Tournament appearances and conference championships, so relive your favorite GSU basketball memories by taking them all in before tipoff.

Charles “Lefty” Driesell Court

The court at the GSU Sports Arena is named after legendary Panthers basketball coach Lefty Driesell. Driesell led the Panthers to three regular season conference titles during his tenure and one NCAA Tournament appearance making him the most successful coach in Panthers basketball history. Take a minute to remember all of your favorite moments from the Driesell era when taking in a game at GSU Sports Arena.

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On game days, you can see Pounce roaming the sidelines and entertaining fans of all ages. No matter how old you are, you’ll love catching a glimpse of Pounce at a Panthers basketball game.

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Student Ringleaders

The Georgia State student ringleaders are the most diehard fans at any Panthers basketball game and do a fantastic job of leading the student section. Pay attention to ringleaders and join in their chants during your visit to GSU.

Pep Band

The pep band provides an excellent atmosphere at Panthers games. They rev up the crowd with their tunes and play a significant part in making GSU Sports Arena a tough place to play for opponents, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Don’t miss the GSU cheerleaders when attending a game at GSU Sports Arena. The cheer squad puts on impressive routines that are a must-see, so don’t leave your seat when you see the cheerleaders take the floor.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Panthers

    Fight, Panthers, to victory!
    Our voices yell.
    You’ll hear us mighty and strong.
    We’re from the ATL,
    we’re gonna give ’em hell!

    Fight, Panthers, to victory!
    Drive on for the score.
    Georgia State is in the fight,

    G-S-U, G-S-U, G-A-S-T-A-T-E, State!

    Repeat First 2 Verses 

  2. GSU Chant

    G-S-U, G-S-U G-A-S-T-A-T-E

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