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The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field is one of the most iconic stadiums in all of the sports and on the bucket list of all football fans. On game days you’ll find a sea of Packers green and gold outside the stadium, but what’s inside is even more impressive. From the atrium when you first walk in, there are bars, restaurants, and shops. Taking a tour of the stadium is highly recommended. You may have a chance to visit the football facilities where the players themselves workout.

From summer events in the offseason to the stadium club on game day, Lambeau Field is a spectacle in itself. The hallowed ground where so many incredible moments have taken place remains to this day a sight to behold. The renovations have begotten a “like-new” Lambeau Field, with plenty of amenities for anyone and everyone. It’s a refurbished historic site, providing an experience that’s the best of both worlds.

The fans are also a big part of game day at Lambeau Field and any fan looking to get into the Packers game day spirit really will don a foam hat shaped like—you guessed it, cheese. Once you’ve witnessed a game first hand, you may come away with an unmatched fervor. The support of the dedicated Green Bay faithful is hands down the best in the NFL and is a large part of why the team has brought home the Lombardi Trophy four times.

The Packers are the only community-owned franchise in the NFL, which only adds to the passion the people of Green Bay have for their team. The fans have sold out every game since 1960 with the entire town shutting down when the Packers are playing. Over the years the Packers have managed to build one of the nation’s largest fan bases with people coming from all over the world to see the Packers play at Lambeau Field.
There is nothing better to do on a fall Sunday than attend a Packers game at Lambeau Field where you’ll experience nothing but sheer excitement.

Things to check out

1919 Kitchen and Tap

Located in the atrium, a state-of-the-art brewery awaits you. If you want to treat yourself right, this is the place to do it, cause this is probably the warmest place in the stadium, and not just because of the craft beers. Feel free to down some food with your beer, as you’ll be served up local ingredients along with local ale. It’s brand new as of 2015, yet contains that same nostalgic feel Lambeau Field is known for.

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Packers Pro Shop

Need a bobblehead of your favorite player, look no further than the Pro Shop. Authentic NFL gear, plaques, trading cards, cheeseheads, and all Packers related merchandise can be found here.

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Packers Hall of Fame

Constantly being updated, the Packers Hall of Fame is mesmerizing. It is a non-profit organization that raises its money through various banquets and golf classics. Learn about some Lambeau lore while taking in a bit of Packers’ pride. Good for the old and the young, a truly educational experience. It has resources informing you on the venue, the community, and the state of Wisconsin.

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Lambeau Leap

The Lambeau Leap is a unique tradition that others try to emulate, but doesn’t hold a candle to the original. First started in 1993 by LeRoy Butler as just a simple celebration, the Lambeau Leap has turned into a long standing tradition all young football players hope to do for themselves one day. If you’re sitting in the end zone, come prepared to catch the players as they leap into your arms in celebration.

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If you want to get into the Packers spirit then you need to pick up a cheesehead when attending a game at Lambeau Field. This customary Packers fan headwear made out of foam lets everyone who you’re cheering for and shows that you’re a real Packers fan.

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Kroll’s is a fine establishment that serves time-honored traditional favorites across from Lambeau Field. The menu includes Packer fans’ longtime favorites, like cheese curds, butter burgers, and Wisconsin chili.

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Fight Songs

  1. Go Pack Go!

    While many celebrities have made Lambeau Field famous with their hit songs and performances on game day, the lyric the fans chant are, “Go Pack Go!” This is done to the beat of the drum core during opponent’s offensive plays to drown out their play calling ability and any audible. You don’t have to be on the field to be a playmaker and change the course of the game, as you can make a difference from the stands by taking part in the “Go Pack Go!” chant.

    Go Pack go!

    Go Pack go!

    Go Pack go!

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