Coolray Field offers you plenty of room to tailgating making it an excellent destination for any tailgate lover. If you love grilling out before the game with friends and family, then there are few better places in the International League to take in a game than Coolray Field. On game days you’ll find a sea of tailgaters creating one of the most festive tailgates in the league.

Tailgating is a big part of southern culture and so is barbecue, so Stripers prepared to enjoy some delicious barbecue when attending a G-Stripers game. Arrive hungry as you won’t be able to resist downing ribs, pulled pork, and more at a G-Stripers tailgate.

Finally, take some time to see all the tributes to Stripers greats around the park’s exterior. The main entrance features banners celebrating all-time greats such as Hank Aaron, Bobby Cox, and Chippers Jones, and is also home to a Stripers flower garden. You also should make sure to stop by the Bert Nasuti tribute as without him there are no Gwinnett Stripers as you know them.

There is a lot of tailgating to be had in the parking lots outside Coolray Field, so arrive early and enjoy all the sights and sounds of a G-Stripers tailgate.


Main Entrance

The main entrance of Coolray Field is home to banners honoring some of the Stripers’ all-time greats including Hank Aaron, Bobby Cox, and Chipper Jones as well as a nice flower garden. Stop by and check it all out on your way into Coolray Field.

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Bert Nasuti Tribute

Take a minute to see the Bert Nasuti tribute before entering the park. Nasuti played a huge role in bringing the Stripers to Gwinnett County, so make sure to pay tribute to him before the game.

Where to tailgate

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