1. Lawn Seats

If you’re looking for a bargain, then you can’t beat the lawn seats at a G-Stripers game. The lawn seats can be purchased for as low as $3 on select nights making it the perfect place to take in a game for those of you on a budget.

2. Niekro’s

Located down the third baseline, Niekro’s is a great place to grab a bite to eat or something to drink at a G-Stripers games. Niekro’s is home to a sit-down restaurant experience and features a variety of ballpark delicacies including the Krispy Kreme Cheddar Burger and The Knucksie. Best of all Niekro’s is a great place to beat the heat is the restaurant air-conditioned it also offers a fantastic selection of refreshing craft beers.

3. Sunday Kids Days

The Sunday Kids Days are a fun time for families to come out and take in a game at Coolray Field. On Sundays, kids can play catch on the field before the game and run the bases after creating an experience they’ll never forget.

4. Retired Numbers

Make sure to check out the retired numbers on the right field wall when taking in a game at Coolray Stadium. The retired numbers celebrate Jackie Robinson and Tommy Aaron, so don’t miss them during your trip to Gwinnett County.

5. Team Store

Those of you looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to the stadium will want to stop by the team store. The store is home to a wide selection of G-Stripers gear, so no matter what kind of merchandise you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

6. Chopper

Keep an eye out for the G-Stripers mascot Chopper throughout the game. Not only will you not want to miss Chopper’s antics on the field, but you’ll also want to give him a high five when you see him on the concourse.

7. Main Entrance

The main entrance of Coolray Field is home to banners honoring some of the Stripers’ all-time greats including Hank Aaron, Bobby Cox, and Chipper Jones as well as a nice flower garden. Stop by and check it all out on your way into Coolray Field.

8. Kids Eat Free at the Ballpark Mondays

If you’ve got kids, then there is no better time to attend a G-Stripers game than on Kids Eat Free at the Ballpark Mondays. Kids will get a free hot dog, chips, and a soda making it the perfect time to take the family out to the ballgame.

9. Play Area

Stop by the play area with your kids before the game to tire them out. If your kids get restless during the game, there is no better place for them to work off their excess energy than the play area in left field.

10. Bert Nasuti Tribute

Take a minute to see the Bert Nasuti tribute before entering the park. Nasuti played a huge role in bringing the Stripers to Gwinnett County, so make sure to pay tribute to him before the game.

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