1. "Touchdown" Sculpture

The “Touchdown” sculpture is a must-see for any CFL fan and was located outside the CFL Hall of Fame before its move to Tim Hortons Field in 2016. No trip to a Ti-Cats game is complete without taking your picture with the statue.

2. CFL Hall of Fame

During your visit to Tim Hortons Field make sure to spend some time visiting the CFL Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a must-see for any CFL fan and does an incredible job of celebrating the league’s history.

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats-Toronto Argonauts Rivalry

The Toronto Argonauts are the Ti-Cats arch rivals, and the two teams have been squaring off on the gridiron since 1873. Only 51 miles separate Hamilton and Toronto meaning you’ll find plenty of both teams fans at these games helping create a fun and tense atmosphere. If you can only get to one game during the season, then make sure to be in attendance when the Argonauts come to town.

4. Box J Boys

The Box J Boys are some of the most diehard Ti-Cats fans out there, so keep an eye out for them. These fans live and die with this team and can be identified by their kilts making them a hard to miss at any Ti-Cats game.

5. "Oskee Wee Wee"

Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans have been doing this chant since the 1920s, and over the years it has become a staple of Ti-Cats games. Join in the “Oskee Wee Wee” chant to show off your Ti-Cats spirit and get involved in the action.

7. T.C. and Stripes

T.C. and Stripes are the Ti-Cats mascots and are a big part of any game. These two get into all kinds of antics at the game, so make sure to enjoy the show during breaks in the action.

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats-Ottawa Redblacks

The Argonauts aren’t the only Ontario-based CFL team the Ti-Cats have a rivalry with; the Ti-Cats also have a fierce rivalry with the Ottawa Redblacks. While the Redblacks may be a relatively new team, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of bad blood between these two teams and their fans. You’ll be in for a good game whenever the Ti-Cats and Redblacks square off, so don’t miss it.

8. Scott Park

Scott Park is the perfect place to set up your grill, cooler, and tent before taking in a Ti-Cats game at Tim Hortons Field. Here you’ll find plenty of space to park as well as lots of trees and shade making it the perfect tailgating destination for any CFL fan.

9. Cheerleaders

Enjoy the performance of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats cheerleaders when taking in a game at Tim Hortons Field. The cheerleaders are a can’t miss part of any Ti-Cats game meaning you won’t want to miss any of their routines throughout the game.

10. Hamilton Tiger-Cats-Montreal Alouettes

The Ti-Cats and East Division rivals Montreal have been going at it for years developing an intense hatred between the two teams. There is always a lot on the line when these two meet making each matchup a can’t miss.

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