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A Hampton football game is all about the band. While the action on the field can be great when the Pirates are doing well, the band here will always steal the show. The Force is one of the best bands around, so make sure to enjoy their incredible performance when taking in a game at Armstrong Stadium.

Being that the band is such a big part of a Hampton football game, there is no better place to take in the game then in the section next to the band. Here you’ll find the liveliest atmosphere in the stadium, so if you want to let loose then get tickets in the section next to the band.

The band isn’t the only one who put on a fantastic show at Pirates games. The Ebony Fire Dance Team, Blue Thunder Cheerleaders, and pirate mascot also do plenty to keep the crowd entertained. All three are fun parts of the game, and you especially won’t want to miss the Ebony Fire Dance Team when they take the field.

The band and spirit groups make attending a Hampton football game an unforgettable experience, so get your tickets to a Pirates game today.

Things to check out

The Force

The Hampton University Marching Band, or The Force, is hands down the best part of any Hampton football game. While you may be attending a football game, the band is the main attraction at Hampton. These talented musicians put on an incredible show, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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The Ebony Fire Dance Team

You won’t want to miss the Ebony Fire Dance Team during the game. The dance team will dazzle you with their moves and put on quite the display making them a must-see part of any Pirates game.

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Blue Thunder Cheerleaders

Join in the cheers and chants lead by the Blue Thunder cheer squad. Blue Thunder does a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd making them a big part of any Pirates football game.

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Pirate Mascot

Keep an eye out for the pirate mascot at the game. He gets into all kind of shenanigans at games making him a fun part of any Hampton sporting event.

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Fight Songs

  1. Hampton University Fight Song

    All hail, to the Hampton Pirates
    Rulers of the sea,
    All hail, to the Hampton Pirates
    Best team they’ll ever be!!
    All hai! Hail! Hail!

    To the mighty Hampton Pirates,
    Hail to the White and Blue!

    It’s H-A-M-P-T-O-N,
    Hampton Pirates fight to win,
    Hampton Pirates we love you!!

  2. Hampton University Alma Mater

    O Hampton, a thought sent from Heaven above,
    To be a great soul’s inspiration;
    We sing thee the earnest of broad human love,
    The shrine of our heart’s adoration.
    Thy foundation firm and thy roof tree out spread,
    And thy sacred altar-fires burning,
    The sea circling ’round thee, soft skies overhead,
    Dear Hampton, the goal of our yearning!

    O Hampton, we never can make thee a song
    Except as our lives do the singing,
    In service that will thy great spirit prolong,
    And send it through centuries ringing!

    Kind mother, we’ll treasure the dear happy days
    We’ve spent here in life’s preparation,
    Yet go with brave hearts upon our chosen ways,
    Of service to God and our nation.
    Still wearing thy colors, the blue and the white,
    As pledge that our fond hearts will cherish
    A love which for thee ever shines true and bright,
    A loyalty that ne’er can perish!

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