Typically tailgating at Harvard starts two hours before kickoff and is somewhat relaxed compared to what you’ll see at most schools. At your average Crimson game, you’ll see alumni having a few drinks with former classmates and enjoying some grilled food. However, if you want to experience an all out tailgate party at Harvard, then make sure to tailgate before The Game.

Tailgaters get an extra hour to tailgate when Yale comes to town, and The Game is one of the biggest days of the year meaning alumni from all over come out to cheer on the Crimson. You’ll experience a much more lively atmosphere when attending a Harvard-Yale game, so if you can only attend one game a season, then make sure it’s The Game.

The students love to go especially hard for The Game, and there is nothing better than seeing the Crimson take on their archrivals Yale, making a Harvard-Yale game tailgate an unforgettable experience.


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Stadium Architecture

Harvard Stadium is the first vertical structure to feature reinforced concrete and is quite the sight to behold for any fan. The stadium features some unique architecture and is quite cool to see, so take a moment before the game to take it all in.

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Where to tailgate

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