1. The Plaza on Crawford Street

The Plaza on Crawford Street immortalizes two of the Astros biggest legends: Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. The statues capture Biggio completing a double play to a stretched out Bagwell and are a must-see for any baseball fan. Have your picture taken with the statues to commemorate your trip to Houston.

2. Minute Maid Train

A steam engine filled with Minute Maid oranges adorns the left field wall and moves down its track when the Astros hit a home run or win. Don’t miss the train after every Astros home run as it’s a must-see aspect of any game played at Minute Maid Park.

3. Union Station Lobby

The Union State Lobby is home to many historical mementos from the Astros past. Come check out the displays rotating displays that always have something new to offer.

4. Home Run Gas Pump

On the main concourse in left field is the Home Run Gas Pump, which has been counting home runs hit in Minute Park since the park opened 2000. Stop by the Home Run Gas Pump on the Home Run Porch and see how many homers have been hit.

5. Orbit

The Astros mascot wanders throughout the stadium giving high fives and doing his signature “bobble-belly” dance or the iconic moonwalk. Astros fans young and old love Orbit, so keep an eye out for him when attending a game at Minute Maid Park.

6. Friday Night Fireworks

Every Friday home game at Minute Maid Park features a firework show. If you want to see some fireworks then make sure to get tickets for a Friday night game.

7. Missile Cam

On the other end of the spectrum, the missile cam tries to “target” fans wearing the opposing team colors and displays them on the video board. Make sure to wear orange and navy if you want to avoid being on the Missile Cam.

8. FiveSeven Grille

This restaurant dedicated to Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell serves upscale food and cocktails before, during, and after the game. Reservations can be made for two hours before game time, but seating is first to come first serve once the gates open. The restaurant also has a loft upstairs with a tequila bar and pool tables, so stop by and check it out.

9. Chik-Fil-A Fowl Poles

These yellow right and left field “fowl” poles each have three renegade cows wearing Astros hats and containing the message to “Eat Mor Fowl.” If an Astros player hits one of the poles, cows included, then Chik-Fil-A will give every fan in attendance a free chicken sandwich.

10. Ballpark Tour

Before the game take a tour of Minute Maid Park to learn more about the ballpark and see where the action goes on behind the scenes. No trip to Minute Maid Park is complete without taking a ballpark tour, so arrive early and see the facility in all its glory.

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