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The Phi Slama Jama days may be over at Houston, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time attending a Cougars basketball games. Around the arena, you’ll still be able to find relics from Houston’s rich basketball past including trophies and banners celebrating the team’s many accomplishments.

The Cougars also still have a pretty good basketball following, and there are plenty of traditions on display at a Houston game to keep you entertained. A Cougars basketball game features all of the pageantries you’d expect from a college hoops game including a stellar pep band, a cheer squad, and lovable mascots. The student section is home to some great traditions as well including jingling their keys during the last minute of the game to let the opponents know to warm up the bus.

Hofheinz Pavilion is located on the University of Houston campus, which is home to several places to grab a bite to eat including Frenchy’s Chicken and The Den sports bar. However, if you’re making the trip to Houston from out of the area, you’ll want to explore the city and check out downtown Houston for more options.

A Cougars basketball game is a fun way to spend some time in Houston and presents an excellent chance for you to see where the great Phi Slama Jama teams played.

Things to check out

Trophy Case

Make sure to stop by the trophy case in the main lobby to see all of the basketball program’s accomplishments from over the years. The trophy case is a must-see for any college hoops fan and a fun way to reminisce about the Cougars’ glorious basketball past.


You’ll find a variety of banners hanging around Hofheinz Pavilion. The banners celebrate Houston’s greatest players, including Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, as well as the school's Final Four and NCAA Tournament appearances. Take a trip around the stadium before the game to take them all in.

Cougar Hand Sign

An excellent way to show off your Cougars pride is through the Cougar Hand Sign. The Hand Sign has you holding your right index finger to your palm with your thumb.

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Shasta is the name of both of Houston’s official mascots, the live one, and the anthropomorphic one. Houston’s live mascot dates back to 1947 and has been served by six different Cougars. Today you can find the official live mascot, Shasta VI, at the Houston Zoo. However, only the costumed mascot makes appearances at games.

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Scoring Dunks

Back in the school’s Phi Slama Jama days, fans would score the Cougars pre-game dunks. Unfortunately, Houston’s pregame routine was banned. However, you can still see scorecards in the crowd after a Cougars dunk in-game, so keep your eyes peeled for them when attending a game.

Key Jingling

During the last minute of the game, Houston fans jingle their keys. The tradition is a fun way to let opposing teams know to warm up the bus, so don’t forget your keys when attending a Cougars basketball game.

Spirit of Houston Pep Band

Houston is home to an incredible marching band, and the pep band is among the best as well. The Spirit of Houston provide most of the music found in Hofheinz Pavilion, which creates a great atmosphere, so enjoy their music during your trip to Houston.

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Fight Songs

  1. C-O-U-G-A-R-S!

    C-C-O-U - This cheer goes like this C-C-C-O-U! G-G-G-A-R! C-O-U! G-A-R! Go Cougars!




  2. Hail Houston!

    Houston fans chant Hail Houston! Hail YES! Hail Cougars! HELL YES! Hail. Then opponents chant HELL NO! and this can be repeated several times.

    Hail Houston! Hail YES! Hail Cougars! HELL YES! Hail.

    Hail Houston! Hail YES! Hail Cougars! HELL YES! Hail.

    Hail Houston! Hail YES! Hail Cougars! HELL YES! Hail.

  3. Our Cheer

    The drum major starts this cheer by yelling “Our Cheer!” Then the band responds with C-O-U-G-A-R-S COUGARS! COUGARS! COUGARS!




  4. Cougar Fight Song

    Houston’s primary fight song

    Cougars fight for dear old U of H
    For our Alma Mater cheer.
    Fight for Houston University
    For victory is near.
    When the going gets so rough and tough
    We never worry cause we got the stuff.
    So fight, fight, fight for red and white
    And we will go to victory.

  5. Eat ‘Em Up

    Eat ‘Em Up! Eat ‘Em Up! Go Coogs Go!

    Eat ‘Em Up! Eat ‘Em Up! Go Coogs Go!

    Eat ‘Em Up! Eat ‘Em Up! Go Coogs Go!

  6. Alma Mater

    All hail to thee,
    Our Houston University.
    Our hearts fill with gladness
    When we think of thee.
    We’ll always adore thee
    Dear old varsity.
    And to thy memory cherished,
    True we’ll ever be.

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