NRG Stadium provides an outstanding tailgating experience where you’ll get to enjoy hanging out with fellow Texans fans, eating delicious barbecue, and the beautiful warm fall weather. Here in Houston, you’ll find the weather is rarely an issue making it the perfect place to watch late season games, as the Texans make that final push for the playoffs.

Texans fans celebrate game days with family, friends, and of course lots of good food. Being that we’re in Texas barbecue is king. All throughout the tailgate you’ll find tons of delicious barbecue on display, so bring your bib and come prepared to chow down before taking in a thrilling game of NFL football.

The laidback atmosphere of the tailgate will put you at ease, and you’ll have no problem making friends quickly. Houston fans are very welcoming displaying the classic southern hospitality you would expect, so don’t be shy and join in on the game day fun.

You can’t go wrong in attending any Texans game that you can, however, if you want to experience the best atmosphere inside NRG Stadium then there is no better time to make the trip to Houston than when either the Titans or Cowboys are in town. Texans fans come up in strong support when either of these rivals are in town creating an excellent atmosphere that rivals that of any NFL game.


The BULLevard

If you’re bringing the entire family to the game then make sure to stop by The BULLevard located on the south side of NRG Stadium. It’s the perfect place to bring the kids before the game offering plenty of fun family-friendly activities including games, music, and a whole lot more.

Churrascos Club

There is no better premium tailgate party than the Churrascos Club. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a buffet catered by Churrascos, a wide variety of drinks including beer and wine, and you’ll even have the opportunity to take in great live entertainment as well.

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