1. The Bull Pen

The Bull Pen, located in section 117 of NRG/Reliant Stadium, is where you’ll find the mo most diehard Texans fans. These fans show off their Texans pride not only by dressing from head to toe in Texans gear but also by creating songs and chants to cheer on their Texans to victory.

2. Churrascos Club

There is no better premium tailgate party than the Churrascos Club. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a buffet catered by Churrascos, a wide variety of drinks including beer and wine, and you’ll even have the opportunity to take in great live entertainment as well.

3. The Bull Pen Party Deck

The Bull Pen Party Deck can be found on the north field level concourse and is open to all ticket holders. You’ll be able to listen to music as well as take in the game here, so make sure to stop by and enjoy the party atmosphere.

4. Big Screens

NRG has the largest digital displays in any professional sports venue, measuring 14,529 square feet. There is one in each end zone, so you can always see the action despite where you’re sitting.

5. Pre-Kickoff Tradition

Before kickoff at the start of every home game, the Texans run a short clip of a raging bull thrashing the opponent of the week. The video is accompanied by AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” pumping up the crowd as everyone works themselves into a frenzy before the Texans take the field.

6. The Crown Royal Saloon

Located on the south concourse this seated bar features music, televisions so you don’t miss any of the action, and even sometimes cheerleader. The Saloon opens when the Stadium doors open on game day, so make sure to get here early if you want to grab a spot in the saloon.

7. Barbecue

Whether you eat inside at the concession stand or in the parking lot at the tailgate, Texas barbecue is represented well throughout your experience at NRG. You’ll need to bring a bib when you visit NRG Stadium as the barbecue here is too delicious to resist.

8. Bull Pen Pep Band

The Texans pep band consists of 45 members who perform at all the Texans home games. The band puts on a great show and helps create the palpable atmosphere you’ll find at NRG Stadium, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for them on game days.

9. Battle Red Day

On Battle Red Day not only do the Texans wear their alternate red uniforms, but everyone in attendance joins in on the action sporting red in support of the team. The sea of red inside NRG Stadium on Battle Red day is something to behold and creates an incredible atmosphere that you just have to experience for yourself.

10. The BULLevard

If you’re bringing the entire family to the game, then make sure to stop by The BULLevard located on the south side of NRG Stadium. It’s the perfect place to bring the kids before the game offering plenty of fun family-friendly activities including games, music, and a whole lot more.

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