1. Orange Krush

Orange Krush is the name of the student section at Illinois and is home to the loudest and most diehard fans out there. They even have their own theme song. Members of the Orange Krush lineup hours before the game to get seats, so if you’re sitting in the student section arrive early to get a good spot.

2. Wear Orange

Before 2008, the Illini used to have a “Paint the Hall Orange” game where everyone wore orange, however nowadays fans wear orange to every home game. Break out your orange and show your support for the Illini when attending a game at Assembly Hall.

3. Banners

Hanging around the arena you’ll find banners commemorating the greatest players and teams in Illini history. The 1989 and 2005 Final Four teams are especially easy to spot, so take a minute to remember these incredible Illini teams.

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4. I-L-L-I-N-I Cheer

At every U of I game, you will hear half the stadium shouting “I-L-I” while the other half will shout “I-N-I” in response. Join in on this famous Illini cheer to show your support for the team.

5. Campustown

Within walking distance of Assembly Hall are a bunch of bars and restaurants along Green and Wright Street. If you want to grab a bite to eat or something to drink before or after a game, then stop by Campustown.

6. Illini Cheer and Dance Squad

The Illini Cheer and Dance Squads do an excellent job of energizing the crowd on game days. Whether they’re running the flag or performing cheers, the spirit squads are always riling up the crowd at all times. Even if you aren’t in the Illini spirit when you arrive you’ll feel it as the game goes on.

7. Lou Henson Court

In 2015, the court was dedicated to former Illini head coach Lou Henson. Henson is the winningest coach in Illini history, so take a minute to remember all his accomplishments when attending an Illini basketball game.

8. Illinois-Indiana Rivalry

When it comes to basketball, the Illini’s biggest rivals are the Indiana Hoosiers. The two schools are located only 153 miles apart and for years have been trying to recruit the same players creating one of the fiercest Big Ten basketball rivalries. The Illini and Hoosiers first met in 1906 when Illinois downed the Hoosiers 27-24, and the rivalry has been going strong ever since. If you want to see the Illinois crowd at a fever pitch, then make sure to be in attendance when the Hoosiers come to town.

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