1. Victory Bell

The Victory Bell is a big part of a Redbirds football game as it leads the team out onto the field and is rung after every Illinois State touchdown. The ringing of the Victory Bell works the crowd into a frenzy making it a can’t miss part of any Illinois State football game.


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2. Big Red Marching Machine

You won’t want to miss seeing the Big Red Marching Machine perform at Redbirds games. The Big Red Marching Machine put on incredible pregame and halftime shows and create an excellent atmosphere throughout the game with their tunes.

3. Redline Express

Don’t leave your seat when you see the Redline Express take the field. The Redline Express dance team will dazzle you with their routines making them a must-see part of any Redbirds sporting event.

4. Reggie’s Fun Zone

If you’re taking the kids to the game, stop by Reggie’s Fun Zone before the game. Reggie’s Fun Zone is located in Horton Field House and opens two hours before kickoff. Here kids will enjoy inflatables, games, crafts, and even get to meet Reggie Redbird himself.

5. Mid-America Classic

The Mid-America Classic between Illinois State and Eastern Illinois began in 1901 and is the oldest college football rivalry in Illinois. Despite not having played in the same conference since 1995 the two schools typically meet each year helping preserve the intense rivalry. Illinois State leads the all-time series 54-41-9, so come out and cheer on the Redbirds as they look to extend their lead.

6. Reggie Redbird

Illinois State fans young and old love Reggie Redbird. Reggie Redbird is the official mascot of Illinois State and one of the best parts of any ISU sporting event. He gets into all kinds of shenanigans at games, so keep an eye out for Reggie Redbird.

7. Battle Bird

Before the game, the Redbirds touch the Battle Bird as they make their way to the field. The ceremony is what gets every Illinois State game started, so get ready to cheer on the Redbirds as they take the field when you see the Battle Bird.

8. Redbird Tent Zone

You won’t find a better place to tailgate before the game than the Redbird Tent Zone. At the Redbird Tent Zone, you can reserve tents, catering, and group ticket packages making it the perfect place to hold your pregame event.

9. Red Alert

Red Alert is the official Redbirds student section, and they do an incredible job of giving Illinois State a great home field advantage. Enjoy the atmosphere created by Red Alert when attending a game at Hancock Stadium.

10. Will Robinson and Doug Collins Statue

Before heading into Hancock Stadium, stop by Redbird Arena to see the statue of Will Robinson and Doug Collins. The statue is located outside the north entrance and honors the two ISU basketball legends making it a must-see for Redbirds fans.

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