1. Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall itself is a must see for college basketball fans everywhere. There are few more historic and beloved venues than Assembly Hall, so arrive early and take it all in when attending a Hoosiers basketball game.

2. William Tell Overture

The Indiana pep band plays the William Tell Overture during the third time-out of the second half of every game. While the band plays, the cheer squad runs around with flags creating quite the sight to behold. Stay in your seat during the third time-out of the second half and take in this incredible tradition.


3. Mop Lady

Indiana’s mop lady tradition dates back to the mid-1970s when State Farm Indiana Legends created an ad featuring a woman sweeping the floor of Assembly Hall. The ad quickly became a part of the Hoosiers pregame ritual, and today you can see the mop lady in action right before the Hoosiers take the court. Don’t miss this tradition when attending a game at Assembly Hall.

4. Indiana-Purdue Rivalry

These two schools are the largest in Indiana creating an intense intra-state rivalry. IU and Purdue have been competing on the hardcourt since 1901, and the rivalry has produced many memorable moments over the years. One of the most famous moments in the rivalry occurred on February 23, 1985, when Hoosiers head coach Bob Knight famously threw a chair across the court after receiving a technical foul. You’ll always be in for a good show when these two meet, so don’t miss your chance to see this intense rivalry in person.

5. Banners

Hanging at the ends of Assembly Hall are banners commemorating the Hoosiers five national championships. Take a peek at these banners to remember all of the greatest players and teams in Indiana history, including the undefeated 1976 team.

5. Crimson Guard

Despite the Hoosiers incredible basketball history, Indiana was one of the last school in the Big Ten to have a designated student section. In 2009, when Tom Crean arrived he created the Crimson Guard, which has quickly become one of the most raucous student sections in the nation.

7. Indiana-Illinois Rivalry

When it comes to basketball, the Indiana’s biggest rivals are the Illinois Fighting Illini. The two schools are located only 153 miles apart and for years have been trying to recruit the same players creating one of the fiercest Big Ten basketball rivalries. The Hoosiers and Illini first met in 1906 when Illinois downed the Hoosiers 27-24, and the rivalry has been going strong ever since. If you want to see the Indiana crowd at a fever pitch, then make sure to be in attendance when the Illini come to town.

8. Candy Striped Pants

Over the years, Indiana’s candy striped pants have become a part of the team’s signature look. The team has been wearing this style of warm up pants since the 1970s so take a minute to enjoy Indiana’s classic look.

9 Jerseys

Another uniform related tradition for the Hoosiers is the fact the team wears plain jerseys with no name on the back. Similar to the team’s candy striped pants, this iconic look is a big part the Indiana basketball look.

10. Indiana-Kentucky Rivalry

The rivalry between Indiana and Kentucky began with a football game in 1893, however, over the years the basketball rivalry between these two powerhouses has overshadowed the football one. The two schools are two of the most decorated programs in college basketball with the Hoosiers having won five national championships and the Wildcats claiming eight. The rivalry hasn’t been a regular fixture since 2011, so you’ll want to be there when these two get together next.

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