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An Indiana State Sycamores football game is a great experience for anyone in the Terre Haute area looking to enjoy a day of college football action. The Sycamores spirit squads put on fantastic performances, and the intimate small school atmosphere of Memorial Stadium provides an enjoyable game day experience.

The Marching Sycamores put on an incredible show at the game, and you can feel their presence throughout the game making them one of the best parts of any Indiana State football games. You’ll also get to enjoy the performances of the Sparkettes, cheerleaders, and Sycamore Sam during the game as well creating a fun collegiate feel at every game.

A Sycamores game is a good time for anyone who loves college football, so get your tickets to an Indiana State football game today.

Things to check out

Grassy Hill

The grassy hill on the north side of the stadium allows fans to enjoy a Sycamores game in a unique fashion. Those of you who want to enjoy a picnic with the game or sit in the grass will have a fantastic time taking in the game from the hill.

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Sycamore Sam

Keep an eye out for the Indiana State mascot Sycamore Sam. Sycamore Sam gets into all kinds of antics at the game and is a must-see part of any Indiana State football game.

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Indiana State University Marching Sycamores

Enjoy the music provided by the Indiana State Marching Sycamores throughout the game. The Marching Sycamores do a fantastic job of energizing the crowd with their tunes, and their pregame and halftime shows are also top-notch.

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Don’t leave your seat when you see the Sparkettes take the field. The Sparkettes will dazzle you with their dance routines and are a fun party of any Sycamores sporting event.

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The cheerleaders will pump you and the rest of the crowd throughout the game. Get loud and join in the cheerleaders’ cheers and chants to give the Sycamores as much of a home field advantage as possible.

Fight Songs

  1. March On! (You Fighting Sycamores)

    March on! March on, you fighting Sycamores, Sycamores,
    March on, you Statesmen tried and true.
    March on! March on, to glorious vic-to-ry.
    Raise that flag of Royal Blue!
    March on! March on, you fighting Sycamores, Sycamores,
    Shout out the victory song!
    Onward, ever onward to the goal,
    as you march, on and on!

  2. Indiana State Alma Mater

    Out upon the swelling breezes,
    let our voices ring
    As to thee, our Alma Mater,
    heartfelt praise we sing.
    Though the years to come may part us,
    Friends and comrades true,
    ISU, our Alma Mater,
    here’s our pledge to you.

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