If you want to tailgate at Indiana State and can only make it to one game, then make sure to attend the homecoming game. Homecoming is hands down the biggest event of the year at Indiana State making it the perfect time to tailgate and attend a Sycamores game.

Homecoming features several traditions you won’t get to take part in otherwise including The Walk and Tent City. The Walk is a pub crawl from downtown to the stadium and is an excellent way to party before the homecoming game. If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, don’t’ worry as Tent City is another good pre-game option before the homecoming game.

Finally, no matter what game you’re attending make sure to check out the Memorial Stadium Arch before the game. The arch is a must-see for anyone attending a Sycamores game, and it shows off the gorgeous architecture of the original Memorial Stadium.

You won’t want to miss tailgating before the homecoming game, which is one of the best experiences you’ll find in the Missouri Valley Football Conference.


Memorial Arch

Make sure to take a minute to appreciate Memorial Stadium’s original arch when entering the venue. The arch is a gorgeous piece of architecture and is one of the few remaining pieces of the original stadium, so don’t miss it during your trip to Terre Haute.

The Walk

If you’re attending the homecoming game and want to get rowdy before the game, then take part in The Walk. The Walk is a pub crawl from downtown to the stadium and is a favorite homecoming tradition among students, alumni, and locals.

Tent City

When attending the homecoming game at Indiana State, make sure to check out Tent City. Tent City is where you can find the majority of the tailgating action and is an excellent place to tailgate before the homecoming football game.

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