The tailgate at Memorial Stadium on game days is an unforgettable experience. If you want to get the most out of your Hoosier game day, then you’ll want to start tailgating early as the lots open up a minimum of five hours before kickoff.  The Hoosiers are the pride of the state – outside of the section surrounding Purdue, which means there is an excited atmosphere around Indian football games.  The entire state loves to make a weekend trip to Bloomington and with them comes the RV’s, tents, cases of beer, and the undying support of Hoosier nation.  

Tailgating has become a big part of the culture at Indiana University, and many fans attend games specifically to tailgate and party before the game. The Hoosier ffan base is a lively, spirited bunch despite what happens on the field and the atmosphere around Memorial Stadium speaks to that. The unique thing about Bloomington is there is the option for the traditional tailgating experience as well as a good bar scene if that’s what you prefer. Regardless of what you choose to do before a game at Memorial Stadium, you’ll have a great time preparing to cheer on the Hoosiers.


The Walk

One of the exciting Hoosier game day traditions is The Walk. Approximately two hours before kickoff the Hoosiers make their pre-game walk to the stadium as fans gather and cheer them on. During The Walk, the Marching Hundred and cheerleaders lead the fans in the singing of "Indiana, Our Indiana" and "Indiana Fight!” If you want a chance to get up close and personal with the Hoosiers before the game make sure to check out The Walk.

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The Knothole Club

The Knothole Club for Hoosier fans 13 and younger gives young fans a chance to show their Indiana spirit. The club gives away freebies to youngsters every game, and if you attend every Hoosier home game, then you’ll receive a Knothole All-American t-shirt. The Knothole Club is an excellent way to get young fans indoctrinated into Hoosier football and helps creates a fun atmosphere for the whole family

Kirkwood Avenue

If the traditional tailgate isn’t your scene, head over to Kirkwood Avenue which is lined with a ton of bars that fill with fans and locals on game day. Hoosier staples such as Crazy Horse and the Irish Lion offer a great pre-game atmosphere for those who prefer heading to the bar on game day.

Glory Plaza

The front entrance to the north end zone named Glory Plaza offers Hoosier fans the unique opportunity to be a part of Memorial Stadium. Brick pavers inside the plaza can be bought by fans and are used to honor and commemorate the Hoosier nation and their support for the crimson and cream.

Where to tailgate

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