1. "Hep's Rock"

A unique feature of Indiana’s Memorial Stadium is Hep’s Rock, which was first installed in 2005 by head coach Terry Hoeppner. Hep’s Rock is a limestone boulder located in the North End Zone that the Hoosiers touch as they run out onto the field. It is named in honor of Hoeppner who died of brain cancer in 2007. Be sure to be in your seat early, so you don’t miss the Hoosiers run out onto the field and touch Hep’s Rock.

2. Old Oaken Bucket

Each year the Hoosiers play the Boilermakers for the Old Oaken Bucket. These two instate rivals have been going at it since 1891 when Indiana was shut out by Purdue 60 to nothing. It wasn’t until 1925 though that the two schools began playing for the Old Oaken Bucket. The trophy was created by the Purdue and Indiana Chicago alumni chapters and after each game, a new link is added to the chain, an “I” for Indiana and a “P” for Purdue. The Hoosiers trail the all-time series 72-39-8 but have a two-game winning streak that they’ll try to extend this upcoming season.

3. Knothole Club

The Knothole Club for Hoosier fans 13 and younger gives young fans a chance to show their Indiana spirit. The club gives away freebies to youngsters every game, and if you attend every Hoosier home game, then you’ll receive a Knothole All-American t-shirt. The Knothole Club is an excellent way to get young fans indoctrinated into Hoosier football and helps creates a fun atmosphere for the whole family.

4. The Walk

One of the exciting Hoosier game day traditions is The Walk. Approximately two hours before kickoff the Hoosiers make their pre-game walk to the stadium as fans gather and cheer them on. During The Walk, the Marching Hundred and cheerleaders lead the fans in the singing of “Indiana, Our Indiana” and “Indiana Fight!” If you want a chance to get up close and personal with the Hoosiers before the game make sure to check out The Walk.

5. Sing, Sing, Sing

This 1936 hit is a staple of the Indiana band’s performance and can be heard at every game. The drumline is prominently featured during the song and each season a new drum solo is incorporated into the performance.

6. Marching Band

The Marching Hundred is the Indiana Band, which was formed in 1896. The band puts on an incredible show, which provides great entertainment to Hoosier fans as well as visiting fans alike as before the game The Marching Hundred performs the visiting school’s fight song and salutes their fans. Don’t leave your seat at halftime as you surely wouldn’t want to miss The Marching Hundred’s fantastic halftime show.

7. Tailgating

Tailgating at Memorial Stadium is an unforgettable experience, which features plenty of food, alcohol, and friends. Indiana fans start tailgating bright and early as the lots open a minimum of 5 hours before kickoff allowing fans to get the most out of their tailgate. A Hoosier tailgate is a day-long party that one has to experience for him or herself.

8. The Quarry

The student section at Memorial Stadium was adopted the name The Quarry in 2010. This is where you will see most of the students on game days as The Quarry is home to the wildest and craziest Hoosier fans. If you’re looking to sit with the most raucous fans at Memorial Stadium, look no further than the Quarry.

9. Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana is as true of a college town as you’ll find anywhere. In Bloomington, every house, business, and car seems to be sporting a Hoosier flag. The whole town shuts down on game day, which helps create an incredible atmosphere at games as not only is the entire student body pumped to cheer on the Hoosiers, but the townsfolk are as well. Make your way to Bloomington on a Hoosier game day to experience this one of a kind game day feeling.

10. R-O-C-K In the USA

Every game at the end of the first quarter The Marching Hundred plays Bloomington native John Mellencamp’s hit song “R.O.C.K. in the USA.” Not only is this a great way to honor one of the city’s most famous residents it also ties into the stadium’s nickname.

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