Colts Overview

Fast facts

League: NFL

Head Coach: Shane Steichen

Team Mascot: Blue

Year Opened: 2008

Capacity: 63000

City / State: Indianapolis / Indiana

Rivalries & Top Games to Attend

Colts vs Patriots

Rival Team: New England Patriots

The Colts-Pats rivalry is considered one of the most heated in the modern football era. The two teams have combined for five Super Bowl victories and eight AFC Championships since 2001. Those numbers speak to how to dominate these two organizations have been over the past two decades, which is what truly fueled the fire between these two rivals. You can’t go wrong when it comes to this match up if you have the opportunity to enjoy a Colts-Pats game you will not be disappointed.

Colts vs Texans

Rival Team: Houston Texans

This AFC South rivalry stems from a dislike between the two teams and fan bases. Even more, fuel has been added to the fire now that former Texans great Andre Johnson has recently joined the Colts this past offseason. These two AFC South teams meet twice a year and always battle hard for all 60 minutes when they do battle.

Colts Tailgate Guide


The first thing you’ll notice when making the trip to Indianapolis is that without a doubt Indianapolis is a Colts town. Upon arrival, you’ll see a sea of blue and white with fans lining the street in their Sunday bests, which includes, of course, blue and white jerseys supporting their favorite players such as Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton.

Once at the tailgate, you’ll be in for a blast, as any football fan will have a great time tailgating before a Colts game. You’ll be able to take in a variety of pre-game festivities that offer a little something for fans of all ages. Here in Indy, there are tons classic parking lot tailgates held by fans diehard fans who come out bright and early to cheer on the Colts. These tailgates offer a delicious mix of burgers, sausage, chicken, and an Indy favorite the pork tenderloin sandwich among others.

If parking lot tailgating is not for you, there are various pre-game parties held by the Colts. Not only do the Colts offer a festive pre-game area featuring live music and large screen TVs, but they also have a VIP tailgate where fans can meet former players and eat upscale cuisine. Whatever activities you decide to partake in make sure you get there at least three hours before kick-off as most events are first come first serve and fill up quickly.
Arrive early and stay late at the Colts tailgate where you’ll have an incredible time partying with fellow fans before the game.


Lucas Oil Stadium Tour

If you arrive in town a few days early make sure to stop by Lucas Oil Stadium and take a tour of this magnificent facilities. Tours only cost $10, so you can’t go wrong spending a few hours seeing the behind the scenes action that goes on at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Touchdown Town

Touchdown Town, located directly north of Lucas Oil Stadium, is perfect for fans that want to relax and enjoy the tailgating experience without having to go through the hassle of preparing their tailgate. The festivities start up three hours before kickoff and offers something for Colts fans of all ages. At Touchdown Town you’ll find live music, food trucks, and giant TV screens playing all the pre-game coverage you could ever want. Kids also have a chance to participate in the Play60 Zone and meet the Colts Cheerleaders and mascot.

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Indianapolis Colts VIP Tailgate

The VIP Tailgate at the Crane Bay Event Center is perfect for diehard Colts fans looking for a luxurious tailgating experience. It opens three hours before kickoff and offers food catered by Ruth’s Chris Steak House. There is an open bar that offers top-shelf liquors and 17 different beer and wine selections. While enjoying the Luxury amenities you may get the chance to meet former Colts players and NFL alumni who often frequent the VIP tailgate.

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Where to tailgate

Colts Stadium Guide

In Game

Lucas Oil Stadium located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis is one of the premier stadiums in the NFL and a great place to take in a football game. The retractable roof and windows set Lucas Oil Stadium apart from other domed stadiums allowing for all the comfort of the dome, while also letting you enjoy the beautiful weather early in the season. The open windows also provide a great view of downtown Indianapolis, so make sure to snap a picture of downtown when attending a game.

Inside the stadium, you’ll also find that there is a uniquely Indy feel with decor honoring Indianapolis’s rich racing history. The decor goes a long way in helping create a special venue that gives you the full Indianapolis experience and helps make Lucas Oil Stadium one of the unique venues in the NFL.

The fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium are great as well living up to the famous Hoosier hospitality one would expect from Colts fans.  Colts fans are very welcoming and while they may engage in some light banter with visiting fans don’t expect to be berated for not cheering for the home team. Colts fans without a doubt create one of the best communities of spectators in the NFL and will surely leave you wanting to come back sometime soon.

Finally, the concessions inside of Lucas Oil are top notch. Inside you’ll encounter 59 permanent stands and 97 portable concession stands. This means there is a large array of different food and beverage options readily available throughout the stadium. You can find items such as gyros, burritos, tacos, cheesesteaks, BBQ, Stir fry, Classic authentic Chinese, Sushi, and of course stadium favorites like Hot Dogs and Gourmet Hamburgers.

Lucas Oil Stadium is hands down one of the best places to take in a football game in the NFL and will provide you with an in-game experience you won’t soon forget.

Things to check out

Sound Stage

Located at the Main Entrance inside Lucas Oil Stadium is a huge stage where you can take in pre-game concerts featuring a variety of artist from big name bands to local performers. The Festivities start an hour before game time and last right up until kickoff, so stop by and take in the performance to get the most out of your trip to Lucas Oil Stadium.

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A House Built by Champions

A House Built by Champions features monuments of former Colts greats and memorable moments in Colts history. First-time visitors of the monuments will be in awe as they take in all the Colts greats of the past.


Blue is the official mascot of the Indianapolis Colts who entertains fans young and old on game days. In addition to providing the Colts with in-game antics, he also has been a good luck charm for the team with the Colts winning their first Super Bowl in Indianapolis the first year he joined the team.

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Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

The Colts cheerleaders rev up the crowd throughout the game making Lucas Oil Stadium one of the loudest in the NFL. The squad also has the distinction of being the oldest in the NFL having supported the team since its inception in 1954.

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12th Man Fan of the Game

Each game one Colts fan is dedicated the 12th Man Fan of the Game for his or her dedication to cheering on the Colts throughout the game. Come prepared to cheer loud and often in hopes of taking home this title.

Fight Songs

  1. Go Blue, Go Colts Chant

    A Famous Colts chant that fans belt out throughout Colts games.

    Go Blue! Go Colts! (Repeat)

  2. Hells Bells

    During every visiting team's third down the AC/DC hit Hells Bells is played to intimidate the opposition. Colts fan goes absolutely insane every time the song comes, so come prepared to get loud when you hear this tune.

    I’m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
    I’m comin’ on like a hurricane
    My lightning’s flashing across the sky
    You’re only young but you’re gonna die

    I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives
    Nobody’s putting up a fight
    I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell
    I’m gonna get you, Satan get you

    Hell’s bells
    Yeah, hell’s bells
    You got me ringing hell’s bells
    My temperature’s high, hell’s bells

    I’ll give you black sensations up and down your spine
    If you’re into evil you’re a friend of mine
    See my white light flashing as I split the night
    Cause if good’s on the left,
    Then I’m stickin’ to the right

    I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives
    Nobody’s puttin’ up a fight
    I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell
    I’m gonna get you, Satan get you

    Hell’s bells
    Yeah, hell’s bells
    You got me ringing hell’s bells
    My temperature’s high, hell’s bells


    Hell’s bells, Satan’s comin’ to you
    Hell’s bells, he’s ringing them now
    Hell’s bells, the temperature’s high
    Hell’s bells, across the sky
    Hell’s bells, they’re takin’ you down
    Hell’s bells, they’re draggin’ you around
    Hell’s bells, gonna split the night
    Hell’s bells, there’s no way to fight, yeah

    Ow, ow, ow, ow

    Hell’s bells

Colts Bars & Restaurants

  1. Taps & Dolls


    Long, narrow 2nd-floor tavern features 50 taps, video games & DJ'd weekend dance parties.

    247 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  2. Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille & OTB

    House of Wings Sportsbar Beer 3rd Base Sports Bar Beer Kilroys Beer

    Scratch kitchen turns out American mains & pub grub plus offtrack wagering in a Vegas-style lounge.

    20 N Pennsylvania St #2, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  3. Coaches Tavern

    SpeedZone Tavern Beer Sheridans Irish Pub Beer Kobis Bar & Grill Beer

    Coaches Tavern is a tribute to each cities coaches and athletes who have made an everlasting impact through the years.

    28 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  4. O’Reilly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

    O Reilleys

    Traditional Irish cuisine and Guinness always on tap.

    36 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - european - $$

  5. Wild Beaver Saloon


    Making your gamedays extra special

    20 E Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $

  6. Yard House

    Yard House beer

    Always has that distinct sense of belonging in this place.

    15 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  7. Tin Roof

    Tin Roof beer

    Unpretentious shotgun shack bar & music venue with creative takes on American pub food.

    36 S Pennsylvania St #190, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  8. Stadium Tavern Indy

    Tavern Indy tacos

    Home of indy's best smoked burgers and chicken wings.

    802 S West St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  9. Howl at the Moon

    Howl at the Moon Cocktails

    Lively bar with a party vibe featuring dueling piano shows & novelty bucket drinks. There's never a boring drink!

    20 E Georgia St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  10. Nicky Blaine’s

    Nicky Blaines drink

    Nightclub offering cocktails, small plates & cigars to a jazzy beat against a vintage backdrop.

    20 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  11. Tavern On South

    Tavern on the South

    Always feeling like a winner.

    423 W South St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  12. Tomlinson Tap Room

    beer bottles

    Indiana-brewed craft beers served in a pub overlooking the historic Indianapolis City Market.

    222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  13. Kilroy’s

    Kilroys bar drinks

    Good food, good friends, great tradition.

    201 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  14. The Greek Islands Restaurant

    Greek Islands Restaurant

    Authentic Greek cuisine prepared by an amazing Greek family

    906 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    european - $$

  15. Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub

    Pearl Street

    It's all about the handmade specialty pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

    65 E Pearl St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    pizza - $$

  16. Prime 47


    Steaks and seafood paired with wines and live piano music in a monumental setting with tall windows.

    47 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    steakhouse - $$$

  17. Napolese Pizzeria

    Napolese pizza

    Napolese is about artfully made pizza and stone hearth baking.

    30 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    italian - pizza - $$

  18. Yolk

    Eat Yolk

    One of the best cafes in Indianapolis that serves the most creative breakfast dishes & sandwiches.

    220 E South St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    cafe - $$

  19. Shapiro’s Delicatessen


    Big portions of Kosher-style deli classics are served cafeteria-style.

    808 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - cafe - $

  20. Weber Grill

    steak grill

    Steaks, BBQ & other classic American dishes in a restaurant overlooking Downtown Indianapolis.

    10 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA


    Bar website

    american - bbq - steakhouse - $

  21. Harry & Izzy’s

    HarryandIzzys burger wine

    One of the best fine dining experiences out there

    4050 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250, USA


    Bar website

    american - bbq - steakhouse - $

  22. St Elmo Steak House

    St Elmos steak

    The most tender and flavorful steaks are served here

    127 Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA


    Bar website

    american - steakhouse - $$$