Victory Field is located in downtown Indianapolis giving you the perfect opportunity to explore everything downtown Indy has to offer before the game. The neighborhood surrounding Victory Field is filled with tons of bars and restaurants to check out meaning no matter what you have a craving for you’ll find something to satisfy it here.

If you’re looking to do some more traditional tailgating, then take advantage of the ability to part at Lucas Oil Stadium for weekday games. The Lucas Oil lots are the perfect place to set up a small tailgate and throw back a few beers with your friends and fellow Indians fans.

Finally, those of you making your first trip to Victory Field will want to get some snapshots of the ballpark’s exterior to remember the trip. The Victory Field sign above the ticket booth, and the stadium marquee both provide excellent photo ops, so take a picture of both during your visit to Victory Field.

You’ll have a fun time pregaming before an Indianapolis Indians game as downtown Indianapolis is home to lots of bars and restaurants and offers plenty of room to tailgate, so no matter what kind of pregame party you’re looking for you’ll find it here.


Victory Field Sign and Player Posters

Get a picture of the Victory Field sign above the ticket windows before entering the game. The ticket windows also feature posters of Indians players as well, so make sure to check out both the sign and player posters.

Victory Field Marquee

On your way into the park take a look at the Victory Field marquee as you enter the park. The marque is one of the signature exterior features of Victory Field making it a can’t miss for any fan taking in a game in Indianapolis.

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