1. Atrium

The moment you step into Bankers Life Fieldhouse’s atrium your Pacers in game experience will begin. Inside the atrium, you’ll find musical groups, basketball memorabilia, and all sorts of pregame entertainment, which goes a long way in ensuring you have an excellent time at the Fieldhouse.

2. Pacemates

The Pacemates are the oldest dance squad in professional sports dating back to 1967. These dancers put on an outstanding show, so don’t miss the original professional dance team during your visit to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

3. Boomer

Boomer is the Pacers lovable mascot and can be seen at every Pacers game. Boomer loves to entertain the crowd by performing a variety of pranks and getting into all kinds of shenanigans, so keep an eye out for him during the game.

4. Varsity Club Restaurant

When eating at The Varsity Club Restaurant you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious buffet and chef-inspired cuisine. The Varsity Club Restaurant is a great place to grab a bite to eat with friends before the game, so make sure to stop by.

5. High Octane Drumline

The High Octane Drumline provides great in-game entertainment and helps give Bankers Life Fieldhouse a collegiate style atmosphere. These talented percussions are among the best in the business and will rev you up with their excellent performances.

6. Locker Room Restaurant

The Locker Room Restaurant is open to those seated in the first few rows and offers an impressive variety of pub fare, microbrews, and cocktails. If you have a premium ticket then take a minute to stop by the Locker Room Restaurant.

7. Power Pack

These high flying dunkers will get you out of your seat and on your feet. Keep your eyes on the court when the Power Pack takes the stage as you won’t want to miss their incredible feats.

8. Pacers Home Court Gift Shop

The Pacers Home Court Gift Shop is the perfect place to grab a souvenir from your trip to Indy. At the gift shop, you’ll find any Pacers gear you could dream of so stop by and pick something up.

9. Boom Babies

The Boom Babies pump up the crowd through a variety of giveaways and fan engagement activities. Get loud when you see the Boom Babies for your chance to win a Pacers t-shirt.

10. Pacers-Knicks Rivalry

The Pacers-Knicks rivalry has been going strong since the Pacers entered the league in 1976, but the rivalry really heated up from 1993 to 2000 when the Pacers and Knicks met in the playoffs six times. The flames of this rivalry were fueled by the back and forth sparring between the Pacers Reggie Miller and Knicks fan Spike Lee. Even almost two decades later these two teams still hate each other, and there is a lot of bad blood when they get together.

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